RHOD – S3 E3 The Badger of Beaver Creek

Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, Leeanne Locken & Kameron Westcott Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E3 The Badger of Beaver Creek

Yayyyy my favorite housewives is starting!! I just know it’ll be all rainbows and butterflies lol! Brandi’s lips are looking really good!

I can’t believe Kameron guessed that the baby shower was for Brandi! OMG the girls reactions to Bruin is a little surprising. Aweee I feel for Leeanne when she and Brandi are making up! Hmm…I kind of feel bad that D’Andra is the one everyone isn’t going to like this season. Ugh I feel bad for her! Do we believe her? Who cares about Adderall? I’m obsessed w it! Lol.

Aweee Jeremy is so cute! I love him and D’Andra! OMG she didn’t wear the PJs? She is not starting out on a good note w the ladies, come on D! I love Brandiiiii she is hilarious! Lol I am loving this trip already! At least she has the PJs on now.

Lol this store!!! Yessss best thing ever! Can I just rewatch this episode over and over again?! Love all the liquor and so excited for them to prank Kam! This house is increddddible!! Holy crap this house is beautiful!! Hahah Kam just brought up lice. Yessss they’re getting ready to prank Kam! Well…she handled that a lot better than last year at least! Fun Patrol! Love it!

Ughhh I love Brandi and Stephanie sooooo much!! Lol I can’t believe Steph and Brandi are outside goofing around and the girls are inside trying to meditate lol! Like polar opposites. Lol OMG they finally got sleds and flew the F down the hill! Lol.

Man, this house is insane. OMG I love Kam’s earrings! Haha I love these questions! Everyone says no but Cary!! Love Cary! Awee I feel semi bad for Kam. Keyword, semi. OMG haha she just said she thought Brandi would have been w 50 people by now! Lol.

Leeanne is being very safe this season! Aweee I love that D’Andra is at least trying to be normal. Oh man, now Kam is making it about herrrrrr! Come on Kam. OMG this is getting out of control/blown up. I loveeee Stephanie! Yes, thank you Brandi. Brandi just admitted she didn’t even think they were that close. Holy crap Stephanie just said she wasn’t going to sit around and lick her asshole? Lol.

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