RHOC – S13 E7 She Said/She Said

Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter, Shannon Beador & Tamra Judge Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E7 She Said/She Said

OMG How is it already episode 7?! This season is going too fast! I read Emily and Tamra’s blogs prior to watching this episode, and both promise moments of confrontation and drama! I like Emily so far though, she’s growing on me and I don’t really want the girls to be mean to her? Better than Vicky, Tamra, and Shannon fighting though!

Oh helllllllo Shannon’s trainer!! Kind of looks like Marky Mark! I love that Shannon is completely honest about her weight struggles. Hopefully this babe trainer can get her in shape!

Hmm Tamra & Eddie are going to dinner w Emily & Shane…wonder how this is going to go? This Eddie’s, “health issue” is ugly! OMG! Hahah now Tamra is asking Shane about it?! Lol. I’m glad Eddie said he would have done the same thing (about kicking Gina out). Lol, Tamra just called Shane dry. That dinner was pretty boring.

OMG Jolie is amazing w Kelly! Lol, I almost like her more than Kelly. Ugh, Kelly’s old house was ammmmmazing!! I miss it. OMG I love how spoiled Jolie is! I love them! I don’t care if she’s spoiled, I still think she’s a good person! Well, I guess that end scene actually seemed pretty bratish.

I love Steve and Vicki! Haha!! Steve’s eyes when he looks at the picture w Vicki is hilarious! I love Steve, he follows me on Insta! He’s great! HBD Vicki! 2017 was definitely her worst birthday!

Not going to lie, pretty surprised Emily continues to hang out w Gina, and vice versa, I guess. Oh wow, now Gina is starting the problems! Why is she bringing Shannon into it? Tamra is the one who started that convo, from what I recall. She is the one that started w bringing up Simon. Wow, I just feel like Gina is two faced. She’s literally telling Emily to confront the ladies.

So proud of Kelly for bringing Jolie to the soup kitchen! I love volunteering and I am always telling people they should! It’s extremely rewarding and feels great to give back!

Haha Tamra cracks me up w her scooter! Lol love that Tamra’s complaining she didn’t hear about the plumber for a while! It’s true I don’t understand why Shannon isn’t taking Tamra up on all her help and being a supportive friend?! OMG Shannon was crying because she didn’t realize water was a utility?! I lovvvvve Tamra and I’m totally ok w she and Shannon fighting. I kind of like when the women have conflicts w Shannon, is that bad?

If Vicki can’t whoop it up w Steve, he’s probably not the one. How the heck is Tamra going to golf w one leg?! Lol! OMG this Gina girl is an idiot, wtf! Hoping she doesn’t last forever…I feel like I’m getting stupid watching her. Tamra looks so stinkin cute! OMG that flashback of Shannon in the golf cart, she was so skinny! Ugggh Shannon is so annoying.

Lol this breathalyzer is hilarious!! Loving Vicki recapping the rules of golf! Emily has the cutest golf outfit IMO. Not going to lie, the way she’s confronting Shannon is pretty direct. Lol, didn’t expect that, prob bc she’s a lawyer. Oh geez, just realized Gina wasn’t there for this convo.

Why does Shannon have to always be screaming? Who am I kidding, they all scream. Oh didn’t realize it was also Shannon’s bday. HBD Shannon. I didn’t see Gina use the word abuse AT ALL. I might have missed it? OMG Vicki! Haha I love that she said are you making that up Emily?! Vicki the woman who announced it last season? Or whatever season it was (recently).

Man, I’m worried for Emily now, this was a HUGE thing in the past, she said abuse not thinking anything of it. OR was she? And now the girls are flipping out! Holy crap, why is Shannon coming at Tamra?! Then she denies it right after, because she realized she made a mistake. A little late girl. Ouch burrrrn, can’t believe Emily just made that low blow about her husband. Shannon is kind of unleashing now.

OMG Gina and Emily are annoying me, probably because Gina is talking lol. But I just don’t know if I believe their relationship will be legit and there won’t be any more drama. Hmm…idk who’s side I’m on here, (between Tamra and Shannon). Shannon started it, but Tamra finished it. Looks like next week Emily goes after Kelly, so maybe Shannon and Tamra move past this?


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