RHONY – S10 E20 Reunion Part 1

Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill & Tinsley Mortimer Real Housewives Of New York – S10 E20 Reunion Part 1

About to start RHONY Reunion Part 1. Already read some posts saying Andy is on Bethenny’s side. Which I’m happy to hear. Seeing as to how Dennis just died and prior to that, we already saw the girls supposedly “rip Bethenny apart”, basically. Bummed Luann isn’t around to speak up about Dorinda to her face! Hopefully Andy will ask Dorinda if they’ve talked since. I know I saw they hadn’t but would like to see her confirm.

All the ladies look beautiful for the reunion and unfortunately, I think Dorinda and Carole are best dressed (IMO). Ohhhh here they commmme! OMG Ramona was on the phone w Mario?! Are they talking regularly? Or do they, I mean.

I wonder where Ramona got her “bruise” from. Probably wild dancing! Lol. Season 10, let’s go! So sad it’s over!! Can’t believe RHOC is on Season 13 already! Lol, Sonja just said her dress was $149, but all week she’s been advertising it as $129.95, must be on sale for the reunion! Love her! Oh God, Dorinda’s making jokes about Jovani. She’s so annoying, enough already. She never owns her shit, she just makes jokes out of it. It’s like, no one’s laughing girl. Oops, old lady.

OMG Carole’s phone just went off! Lol. Guess she really is “sooooo busy”, way too busy for B. Love Andy bringing up Adam, kind of seems like he’s giving Carole a subtle hard time right now…maybe because of the phone.

Wow ya, Tinsley love the new hair! Oh God Dorinda just said it’s sophisticated, like she would know what sophisticated hair looks like! Lol! Her hair is always a mess! She just said Carole inspired her to be fit? Please! Does Carole even work out regularly? Ramona works out more than her!

Carole was so annoying about Lu’s outfit. Lighten up! Lol I love that the girls just said Sonja’s Halloween costume was the worst, because no one knew who she was lol! Oh Sonja. Dorinda’s just smiling from ear to ear, she looks f’d up.

Bethenny is an absolute ANGEL in my eyes! I am Puerto Rican and visit the island every year! I was bawling watching that episode, meant so much to me! OMG!!! I am getting so pissed already and it’s just the beginning! Showing the clip from the nutcracker! Now Dorinda is attacking Sonja saying all she does is kiss Bethenny’s ass. Maybe Dorinda is jealous?! No one kissed her ass for the nutcracker, no one kissed her ass for the dresses…I think I’ve figured it out! Ramona was so fing annoying when she walked away from Bethenny & Carole, “wow, wow” talk about crazy eyes!

OMG! Here comes Ramona, she’s nuts!! YESSSS ANDY!!! Thank you for stepping in! Oh F off Dorinda! Oh Pahlease Dorinda! Go Andy, Go Andy!!! Oh shut up Dorinda, here she comes again! Wow they are all such bitches! OMG here comes Ramona jumping in. She is like demanding the attn. No one cares Ramona. OMG is Ramona the new Lu? Jill’s new bf is her ex too?

OMG the ladies won’t even let Bethenny talk.  Oh, now Ramona is saying all that Bethenny does is say mean things in her confessionals? I’m so over Carole’s small side comments in the corner.

OMG the Nutcracker situation. Holy crap they won’t even let Andy get out the question, they’re all so annoying! Can we just have a Bethenny spin off yet? HOLY CRAP so because it was off camera, it’s not genuine? Are you kidding me?! WOW!! Dorinda is literally mad at Bethenny for getting attn., that she wanted!!

Wow Bethenny can’t even comment!! This is soooo frustrating! How many reunion parts are there going to be for this season? Oh wow, now the women are attacking Sonja! GOD I AM SO OVER CAROLE!!! OMG! Ramona chill the F out! She is soooo annoying this season! Is it sad I only love Sonja, Bethenny and Luann?

Yes, I love Sonja! She is literally just saying how she feels out loud, yes sista! Yes, Bethenny bringing up examples! Go girl! Carole is soooo annoying! Oh, now Ramona is trying to connect w her with Bethenny. After she just flipped out. Yes, thank you for showing the footage of Bethenny supporting all of them…well two of them. Lol.

I was just obsessed w Andy’s rhyme about Dorinda! Haha! Dorinda saying, “one night does not define people”, girl there has been way more than one night! Wow! Carole just laughed at the mugshot comment, are you kidding me? She’s sick. Yes, love showing the footage of Lu talking about Jovani. Ugh I cannot stand Dorinda! OMG she is denial! She’s saying it was hurtful?!

How is it Bethenny’s fault that Dorinda went to the dinner?! They keep saying Bethenny’s been drinking too, if I don’t realize Bethenny’s drinking habits, I don’t think it’s a problem. Love Dorinda projecting her issues on Bethenny. Perfect, no accountability. Soooo over Carole, glad she’s gone.

Thank you, Andy! For bringing up Dorinda’s drunken behavior. She makes jokes, instead of owning her alcoholism! Wow, I love how they are trying to act like Bethenny has drinking issues. Dorinda says she was depressed, well, alcohol is a depressant! Ugh I am so over this reunion already!

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