Below Deck Mediterranean – S3 E14 Stew Coup

IMG_2768 2
Hannah Ferrier & Sandy Yawn Below Deck Mediterranean – S3 E14 Stew Coup

Is it sad I’m not even excited to see this week’s episode of Below Deck? Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised? Last week Joao was starting to hit on Kacey again and Hannah and Conrad made up.

Brooke’s saying she works harder than Hannah and Hannah is sticking to her guns. Go Hannah! Hmm…Brooke and Conrad kind of had a moment there. Brooke has had a few moments w all the guys on the crew though. Welp, there goes Joao flirting w Kacey. Eww now Brooke is using Joao’s quotes about drinking nails? Sick. Sorry, that does not make me laugh.

Lol wow, Kacey is now questioning Hannah? I am not sure Hannah is going to be around next season, not going to lie. I’d rather a brand new crew, plus Hannah, then losing Hannah. Lol. This meeting w Hannah and the girls is pathetic! That was hilarious to see all the past footage of her mess ups though. Lol.

Oh wow, now the tween is talking shit about Hannah? Now Hannah is doing the girls jobs? Ugh this show is so boring these days. OMG Adam’s food looks sooo good right now! Colin looks really hot in this episode! Too bad his voice is so dorky. Kacey just basically said she’s still in love w Joao. Why do all these girls like him? They’re idiots.

Hannah and Brooke almost f’d up, but it turned out to be nothing. The crew is starving and Joao is complaining, just like last episode. Okay, Adam says he’s going to make dinner @ 5/6, like that’s not normal and should be expected? Lol! Yesss, Sandy just said she’s noticing Hannah is working harder. Lol, let’s guess why Sandy? I guess she knows now that she’s seen the episode.

What the heck, the Primary Charter Guest isn’t wearing pants on deck! F it. Lol. Colin just said the ferry he drives is, “like a toy” compared to their Yacht, lol. He’s so down to Earth and sweet. Lol Jamie recapping the guests quote is hilarious, she’s def funny, didn’t get enough of her this season.

Sandy is trying to be supportive of Hannah, but I think it’s a mistake for her to mention it. You’re not bonding Hannah, I think Sandy feels awkward. Aweeee, Colin’s parents just showed up. He’s so cute crying his eyes out! OMG he’s making me tear up. I love him! Okay, at this point he needs to get it together. Lol.

I like how Conrad is coming up w a plan to avoid Hannah, and she’s just bashing him to the girls. Hannah said she’s got a great ‘Little Black Book’, I’d love to compare notes babe.

Ughhh I just find this whole season boring. I know I’ve said that multiple times, and this blog is probably equally as boring. I don’t care about Conrad and Hannah fighting, I don’t care about Brooke and Joao and Kacey’s love triangle…I DON’T CARE!

OMG!! Joao just fed Kacey LITERALLY right after he fed Brooke! And Joao is SO GROSS he doesn’t even care/realize how shitty that was. Hate men that feel like they can do whatever they want and it’s justified. They’re all literally sitting around each other, it’s creepy. Wow Conrad just lost it because Hannah called him a sweetheart, she can’t help her natural nickname for him. #Daddyissues.

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