RHOC – S13 E6 Rumors

Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge & Gina Kirschenheiter Real Housewives of Orange Counter – S13 E6 Rumors

I’m over the Vicki/Kelly saga, so I’m hoping it won’t be the only juicy subject of this upcoming episode. Gina was seriously annoying last episode and I find myself fast forwarding through her scenes…not good.

Starting w Shannon, she’s def the most real and really putting herself out there w the weight struggles, divorce, no makeup…etc. Shannon looks pretty skinny for this photoshoot! I didn’t realize it was during filming. I want Shannon to be hot again! Oh great, Kelly is coming over. We’re probably going to have to talk about the Vicki saga again! Love how Shannon says, if this takes off, she’s doing it herself! Yeah, except for your ex-husband was rich, which got you on the show, now your divorced, HAVE to work, and doing it.

Love seeing Vicki in action working! NOW that is a woman who did it herself! Steve is always with her! Lol. I wonder if he is going to be the next one labeled an “opportunist” #RHONY reference. She says he’s very reserved, and doesn’t like PDA. Tamra also thinks Vicki doesn’t really love him as much as she proclaims. Is Steve the one?

OMG I love the booze in the booth! That flashback of Vicki and Michael was everything! My all- time fav episode when she visited him at college. Well…maybe not all time fav, but def between them! He was soooo mean!! Lol! Glad they get along better now. Or at least he accepts her for who she is, his retirement fund!

OMG Kelly talking about spousal maintenance makes me want to throw up. Yessss, Emily looking like a badass coming in w her lawyer info. OMG now David’s accusing Shannon of excessively drinking, not good! How much longer do we have to talk about David’s flaws? He was hot and I didn’t see him do anything thatttt bad. He’s def no Simon.

Emily telling the girls about the Shane drama. Yessss, Tamra’s pissed. Get him Tamra! She lovvves to hate a husband!

Oh wow, Vicki and Kelly are driving together in a car/hanging out? Maybe they’ll be ok after all.  OMG she just talked shit about Shannon’s place. Oh, Kelly is just wanting to gossip about Emily’s husband. Lol! Kelly just said she would have went psycho on Michael! Ya, that’s why you’re divorced. Lol.

Gina and Emily are hanging out, is it sad I don’t really care? I’d rather watch a million scenes w Shannon, Kelly, Tamra and Vicki, then them. Nothing personal against Emily, she’s OK. It’s Gina that’s annoying.

OMG! Tamra talked to Gina before she even saw Emily? FUCKKK Tamra. Haha! She is such a #potstirrer! I love it! Holy cow Gina’s eyes when Tamra is telling her about what Emily said! Do we have a new #crazyeyes in the group!? Lol Kelly telling Vicki that Emily’s husband is Mormon! So funny! These two are hilarious! They are making really good points!

The famous Tamra pony tail! Love her! She is such a trendsetter this year w her #hairvibes! Okay, all the girls are getting together! I hope this is exciting. I want Tamra to bring up the Gina drama again!

Ouch Tamra is so intense I love her! She’s screaming in Shannon’s face, it’s like girl, she’s right there. OMG lol! They scheduled a matchmaker! Too funny! I love Tamra and Vicki! Hmm, matchmaker isn’t horrible. Personally, I’d rather just do Match.com. Lol Kelly’s description on Shannon’s ideal man. Yes, Tamra’s jumping in “here”. Go Tamra! But Dammnnnn the words out! Guess we know the shitty stuff David did now! Kelly is the Samantha Jones of #RHOC. OUCH! Tamra just said David’s penis was small?! PROVE IT DAVID!

Yes, okay Gina stuck around to talk out the situation w Emily (to the group). Now Gina is saying that the situation Emily described is NOT what happened? Come on, do we think she honestly remembers?

Tamra just said, “I’m sorry I’m on your side w this one”, like sorry? Tamra is clearly trying to instigate Gina. Oh, of course, all the women can relate w cruddy ex’s. Here comes Shannon now, after Tamra already said something about Simon! Like clearly the percent of assholes out there is high. Lol. Wow, Gina just said she’s going to give him (Shane) the benefit of the doubt, that’s pretty nice after all this drama. Then Tamra says, so you think she’s in a bad marriage? Lol, another #potstirrer comment.

Yay, my 2 favs, Tamra and Vicki! Oooowww, do I like this microblading thing? OMG Gina’s kids look terrrrrrible! She doesn’t even correct them! I can’t stand mom’s like that! Her life looks horrible, she should move back to the east coast. Lol.

I love how Vicki keeps saying she “just believed” Brookes. Lol. Let’s just move on from Brookes please. Yay! Vicki just brought up her “love tank”! It’s been so long since we’ve heard that comment!

Kelly’s date is a little creepy. But he’s kind of hot. I love how she says she won’t ever be alone. Don’t jinx it girl! He seems realllly annoying.

I love Shannon’s pjs! Awe, her mom knows just how to talk to her (on the way to court). She’s so cute, her voice sounds sweet! Lol! She ran a red light!

OMG David is representing himself (which she already mentioned) but still. It’s so weird. That would be really awkward! Oh ok, so he wants to “just pay” for things, instead of just paying “support”. Guess we’ll see how this goes…

HOLY CRAP Shannon gets thirty thousand dollars a month?! I can’t believe she cut it down. Well I guess that was nice of her. #prenup next time David.


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