RHOD – S3 E 1 You’re Amygdala Is Showing

Stephanie Hollman & Brandi Redmond Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E1 You’re Amygdala Is Showing

OMGGG! I can’t believe Dallas is back! So happy right now! Kameran is also back though, which I’m not really pumped for. Maybe I’ll grow to like her? I mean, we have the same fav color, PINK. I wonder if there will be any juicy drama this season? The girls appear friendly on social media, which leads me to believe any fights have been resolved. But what’s a housewives season without drama? Not a good season…plus that never happens.

OMG Season opener! Looks soooo good! Can’t wait to see Leeanne say she’s the toilet and she’s going to flush it! Hahah.

Yayyy Brandi! I’m so happy she adopted a baby boy!! OMG! Stephanie is the one that found Bruin? I’m obsessed with her!!! OMG I’m tearing up! Lol the way she told Brian! I love Brian! Yay! The way she is treating Bruin makes me so in love! I can’t believe Stephanie hasn’t met Bruin yet. They must have started filming like literally right after she adopted him!

Lol here’s Leeanne. I can’t believe D’Andra is laughing at Leeanne. Whoa are they going to have the drama this season?! Yassss, recapping all her past situations! Ending that session w Namaste…I thought that was only yoga?

Aweeee Stephanie is crying once she sees Brandi & Bruin! This is why she’s my fav! I lovvvve her and them as besties!!

D’Andra’s husband is a hottttie! Holy crap! I can’t believe her mom isn’t speaking to her!

I can’t wait to see Stephanie’s new house!

Okay, now we’re on Kameran. Yes, excited to hear how her dog food brand is doing. I heard it was horrible and dogs were getting sick from it. Ugh, the way she talks is so annoying.

Rich has an eye patch, makes sense. Leeanne’s fiancé woulddd have an eye patch. Honestly, all the crazy stuff that was said last season! Idk how the ladies even talk to her? Or how she was even allowed back on this season?

Wow, can’t believe Cary agrees to meet with her! Haha Rich teasing Leeanne! #cute

Lol Brandi and Stephanie are soooo cute! I love both of them so much! I don’t blame Brandi for needing Adderall, she’s lucky she has an RX! Good, Brandi’s back to not liking Leeanne, it was so annoying last season when they were friends! Loving Stephanie’s interview look!! Lol #BS

Ouch, burrrrn from Cary before she has even seen Leeanne. Love that she ordered food to go before Leeanne got there! Lol! This meeting when from good to bad/awkward realllll fast! Lol. OMG Leeanne just brought up “swords” in regard to a butter knife. I think Leeanne is reading too far into this coffee date.

Oh ya I forgot D’Andra’s stepson hates her! Soooo awkward this sex story, like TMI.

Holy cow, Rich has been married 3 times already! Yikes, clearly marriage is nothing to him. I wonder if they will ever set a date? Talk about anxiety (for Leeanne) w everyone asking.

This is so awkward, D’Andra hasn’t seen her mom and she’s being soooo weird!

Lol, sometimes Kameran makes me laugh. Like her comment about celebrating a fourth anniversary. HOLY CRAP D’Andra’s mom just said her part was boring!

OMG I can’t believe Cary just said something about Stephanie’s butthole! Lol! That’s hilarious that Stephanie said she dreamt she would sit by Leeanne! Yikes, I’m sensing some clear tension between Leeanne and D’Andra! Leeanne’s hair looks rough! What the heck are those hair pieces?

OMG Kameran, chill out! Pun intended. Like relax, why do you have goosebumps because Cary and Leeanne cleared the air? Holy crap this is sooo awkward! Why is everyone screaming about Leeanne and Rich getting married? So uncomfortable. Isn’t this part about D’Andra’s relationship?

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