RHONY – S10 E 19 Life is a Cabaret

Dorinda Medley Real Housewives of New York – S10 E 19  Life is a Cabaret

I cannot WAIT to see Sonja dancing in Lu’s show! Also, this is Carole’s last episode (other than the reunion) on RHONY! Wooohoo! Who else is excited about that? More importantly, what will Tinsley contribute to the cast next season? I think it might be time for her to go too. Dorinda has been tough to watch allll season. Sonja has been loyal and the only kind one to Bethenny, well that’s not true, Lu has also been relatively nice to Bethenny. But mostly Sonja, which makes me love her even more than I already did! Ugggh, I’m getting bummed out just watching the taglines! Sad it’s (almost) over!

I need to get to #countessandfriends ASAP! Sonja looks like she just got done having sex in her interview look this episode! I guess that’s what happens when they start asking questions about the finale! Lol.

Bethenny always like casually undercuts/backslaps her friends w her comments. But that’s just Bethenny, I love her no matter what. Wow, Bethenny just called Carole superficial, and I loved it. I know, great sentence V. Just so over Carole and I believe Bethenny.

Ugh, Tinsley just has nothing to contribute other than being a spoiled brat, I’m sorry. And the last thing I want to watch is another spoiled woman in America. Dorinda looks like the joker! Not feeling the makeup at all! She’s talking about her past bartending experience, no one cares.

Okay, Carole just showed up and she’s wearing practically the same ugly outfit as Dorinda! #Badstyle minds think alike? Dorinda just brought up that she hooked up Lu w outfits for the show. I mean that is pretty huge, but she’s always looking for credit! No one cares but you that John isn’t invited Dorinda. He hasn’t been on in seasons! At least that’s how it feels. So awkward that Tinsley mentioned Lu invited Scott THAT DAY and Dorinda is saying that Lu told her she didn’t have any tickets last minute! Lol.

OMG Lu is talking about a mammogram! Wow, Lu’s version seems so diff of course, and I believe her because Dorinda is nutto. Prob already drunk.

Lu just said she’s done wearing white for a while, but showed up in white! Lol. Yesss, now Tinsley is bringing up the Lu drama! Of course, AT the event! With Carole, literally (sitting) right in the middle of she and Dorinda! Like, do we really not think Dorinda is going to hear about this? Come on. Oh, and Carole is now in shock! OMG and Carole said, “normally I would say ‘don’t tell her’ but with what they’re going through, idk”. OMG what’s coming up looks amazing!

Yay, Sonja’s here! OMG Carole moves seats so that Tinsley can tell Dorinda. The show hasn’t even started! Is it THATTT urgent?! Welllll Dorinda’s pissed! Bethenny’s trying to help the situation and Sonja is of course stating the obvious, who cares it’s Lu’s night! Lu is about to go on! Dorinda looks like she’s about to explode! Such an insult to be wearing the dresses! Lol.

Wow I’m really surprised at this cast in #countessandfriends! V impressive! Love Sonja getting motorboated and then talking about it in the interview! Lol!

Oh of course, Tinsley tries to jump in about getting arrested. There she goes again! Wow Dorinda yelling at the stage is sooo trashy! I agree Bethenny, Dorinda just likes to fight! Clapping and screaming at the stage. Yesss, here comes Sonja!!! That show looked awesome and all the ladies said it was great!

OMG Carole just showed Sonja she got flowers from a random stranger (in a bragging way) and Sonja said she should give the flowers to Luann and Carole goes, Dorinda’s not very happy w Lu. Who gives a crap! F Dorinda! They are so annoying. Recast Dorinda, Tinsley and Carole please.

Yesssss Bethenny and Sonja discussing Dorinda is DEAD on! I love them! My 2 favs! #nutcracker2.0. Dorinda looks so scary. Bahaha Sonja just goes, “she needs to go away, just like Luann did” lol! Just the way she said it sounded so funny. Wow Dorinda is trying to leave and Carole is MAKING her stay and encouraging a fight.

Carole seems so bitter w Bethenny. Loving all the sparkle in this episode. Hmm…a little awkward how Ramona came over and Bethenny freaked out about talking to Carole, a little possessive for B. Lol yes, Ramona is about to tell Bethenny she’s pissed she didn’t come to her party and Bethenny says, call my secretary.

Ramona reacting to Bethenny is classic Ramona her eyes are so crazy. Seems she’s like acting. Or she’s just that weird. Yes, I love you Bethenny!! Omg Dorinda just looks so gross. Looks like Carole is back to being a Lu hater. OMG Dorinda won’t drop the Jovani stuff! Love seeing Dorinda and Bethenny arguing about the situation right behind Lu. I hate when she always shoves her fingers in people’s faces. Dorinda asks Bethenny not to mention it and she does. Of course when Lu explains it, it makes sense and Dorinda is acting a mess either way. Pfff she’s getting another drink!

Oh now Carole says “another night”. Wow! Dorinda walks up and says she doesn’t want to talk about it then keeps bringing it up! OMG she’s sooooo embarrassing! F Dorinda. I hope she and Lu are not friends anymore. Then Carole comforts her! Like why is she not trying to tell her she looks messy?

Oh man I can’t wait for the reunion!!

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