RHOC – S13 E5 Orange County Hold ‘Em

Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson & Gina Kirschenheiter Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E5 Orange County Hold ‘Em

Omg Emily in the car with her daughter barking is hilarious! She is starting to grow on me! Not sure about Gina though, guess we’ll see how this episode goes? I love that Michael still works w Vicki and is STILL A DICK.  Vicki says they’ve gotten close, I’m like, idk girl. I wish I could work with her! He is so lucky! Awe they’re talking about Europe this summer, which is happening right now! He just said he and his GF don’t want Vicki  there, looks like this was #wishfulthinking because they are currently on vacation together! OMG I don’t know what I would do without Michael’s humor. Even though he’s an ass, he is very funny.

Okay, slightly boring time. Shannon and Kelly single talk. Ughhh, how long are we going to hear about Shannon and David being mean to her? I felt like he tried a decent amount and she didn’t give much back. At least Kelly is stronger about it. Maybe she’ll help Shannon get over it. Oh, now Kelly’s crying. OMG I’m over this sit down, and it’s only been a few minutes. It’s just overall very boring.

Gina says she seems like she’s from the OC until she opens her mouth, that outfit screams NE (Jersey, even though she hates that). I like how Gina says she should be able to say her opinion and not be judged, but her opinion WAS judgement?! Duh. I’m sorry, just not really feeling her vibes yet. I love how they say there’s constant judgement in the OC, isn’t that Cali for ya? Whoa, she just brought up Shannon’s vagina? Awkward.

Bahaha Shannon just said she, “really doesn’t like doing any of it” about exercising/workout equipment. Tamra is so hot! She is def my inspiration, but there’s zero chance I’ll ever be that fit! I love that Tamra just said she would let her use all their CUTFitness stuff for free! I am loving this side braid look! Poor Tamra is bummed she and Shannon aren’t as close. Whoa, can’t believe Shannon’s reaction vibes. Yessss, I am totally OK w Tamra and Shannon beefing. Team #Vicmra for life!

Holy crap Emily didn’t even remember her oven was broken?! And she’s having a party?! Yikes! I’m pumped for the poker party though! Lovin Shannon’s poker suit! I guess she and Kelly really are “new” besties? Now they’re driving to the party together? Ouch, Tamra just bashed Shannon’s outfit, “greenmess” to be exact. Emily’s mother in law, Perry, is a smoke show. Awe, Vicky just arrived and she’s being so sweet! Ouccch, Perry just told Kelly, a “bunch of boyfriends” means nobody! I guess that’s accurate, I am juggling right now, but not sure I want to commit anyway! OMG Kelly talking about buying a guy a $700 dinner!

Oh great, now we’re talking about Michael again! Here comes Kelly @ Vicki again. I think Vicki was wrong, but I love Vicki and I don’t want to talk about this all season. Get over it Kelly. All you do is talk about dates and guys anyway. Gina has good points, but she is new and I don’t think she should be sooo vocal. As far as Shannon goes, back off Shannon. Vicki is trying to fix it and move on and everyone keeps talking about it. Wow! I can’t believe Kelly just said Vicki has never been there for her! Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s move on please. Thank you Tamra, how can we fix it? OMG!!! She (Kelly) just said she doesn’t need to talk about it anymore? She’s the one that keeps bringing it up! Oh, Shannon’s food line is going through! Yay! Nice subject change. Bahaha! Tamra just said Shannon’s never had a job since she’s known her!

OMG this dealer is crazy looking. Where did they get him?! I think everyone wants to kill Gina. HOLY CRAP! Gina is now attacking the ladies for plastic surgery! No girl nooo. Please don’t! lol. Okay, no one really reacted other than Emily and it was small. Tamra leaning over and calling the girls out. Haha, I can’t get over her scooter! I’m loving it! Shannon describing Vicki’s apology process is dead on. Why is Emily coming outside?Kelly, “I’m a single, simple girl”, haha who are you kidding boo? Yikes, now this is getting weird. Kelly is bringing up Thanksgiving. Like, okay now we know there’s a few issues here. Perry is being a little clingy.

I can’t believe how intense and serious this issue is with Eddie’s heart. I feel so bad for he and Tamra. Hoping he’ll be better soon! Man, Ryan has gotten really skinny. What’s that about? Maybe no more supplements?

OMG I can’t believe Emily’s husband yelled  at her to get Gina out? Lol! Well, it’s his house! He just said, “loud groups of women is not his cup of tea”, you won’t be around long then bro.

Holy crap, Tamra just told Eddie the feedback from his doctor and it made my heart drop. Poor Eddie, this is so scary! So, it sounds like Eddie isn’t really religious from the way Tamra just described it? Yikes, he is clearly upset about this situation and taking it out on Tamra. But I’m sure it’s hard. Geez. OMG! He just said don’t ask me dumb questions?! Brutal.

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