Below Deck Mediterranean – S3 E12 Take this Job and Stew It

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Joao Franco, Brooke Laughton & Casey Lawrence Below Deck Mediterranean – S3 E12 Take this Job and Stew It

Picking up where things left off w the Sandy/Hannah drama and the tween fighting. We’ll see how this episode goes. Has taken me a whole week to watch it! Tween is yelling in Hannah’s face. Not into it.

OMG Joao is so fing annoying, I can’t handle him. Clearly, Conrad needs a second. Ugh oh, now they’re going to fight. Joao is now trying to explain his side to Brooke, attempting to justify it and she just believes him lol. Clueless. At least Hannah is seeing she is too old for Conrad. We’ll see if she breaks things off or not though. OMG!! Joao just hit his head on the way down the steps, love it. Too bad it wasn’t hard enough. Brooke’s outfit was absolutely hideous!

Oh, Conrad wants to step back from Hannah as well. Awkwaaaaard, Conrad and Hannah just passed each other in the stairway and didn’t even say anything. OMG Casey looks so gross in this scene post night out.

Another friend of Sandy’s renting the boat? Does she just cruise all of her friends around? Sounds like a good deal to me! Sandy has been pretty tough this season. I guess that’s because she got pushback for being too easy last year.

Haha ouch, Hannah basically just told Conrad it’s over, no going back. Lol, and that was it. Oh ok, Conrad convinced her to stick it out. Then they embraced each other very awkwardly in public. Charter guests have arrived, let’s see how this goes. Oh shoot, first complaint, wines not cold enough! Looks like Conrad and Hannah are back to being flirty, so that lasted 2 seconds. Ugh ohhh Joao is patching things up with Casey!

Well Hannah just told Brooke she could take a long break, which hopefully makes her feel better since she was just talking shit about how she has run every dinner service so far. OMG warm wine again!! Here comes Sandy to flip the F out. OMG seems like Hannah always has an excuse. At least there wasn’t any yelling. Brooke’s back? I thought she was off? lol. OMG Adam just made soooo much food! I feel so bad. Like how much of this is wasted? OMG dinner service is really fing up! IMO.

This lunch trip is brutal! I can’t believe the crew had to walk and carry all of that stuff! Colin is so cute, def the best one on the boat, can’t believe none of the girls scooped him up! Seems like this is Sandy’s vacation just as much as the charter guests! Lol.

Wow Joao flirting in front of Brooke, not surprised. She’s dumb.

Ewwww can’t handle Adam and this octopus! Go figure, Sandy is right there for dinner! Wow she just complimented Hannah in front of the guests. That’s positive! Maybe she’s drunk? Jk.

Wow the tip sucked and Sandy’s trying to justify it. Your friends are cheap Sandy! I feel like all production shows is Hannah on the phone all the time! Joao was just manhandling Casey on the bench! Selfie city. Well that episode was OK. Guess we’ll see how tonight’s is. Yes, it took me a week just to watch this one, not a huge fan this season.

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