RHONY – S10 E18 There’s No Place Like Home

Luann De Lesseps & Sonja Morgan Real Housewives of New York – S10 E18 There’s No Place Like Home

I think the #vacationfromhell is finally over as of this episode (thank gawd). I’m sick of Carole being a cold hard biotch. Sorry not sorry. Dorinda’s a mess, so it’s OK to see her. Makes me feel better about myself.

#RHONY is one of my favs, I never want it to be over! If it was up to me, I’d have #RHONY, #RHOC and #RHOBH on all the time! With Southern Charm, Top Chef and Project Runway!  Which is back on Bravo this year! I love Luann critiquing Ramona’s renovations. The Countess knows best! Haha no flowers! No chia pets!

OMG Sonja wearing a diaper on the plane!! Siccccckkk so gross! Haha love her. Sonja has NO limits. Seriously. She is pure entertainment! My life. I love that all the housewives are becoming entrepreneurs! No longer wives though…lol.

OMG Sonja’s poop situation is sooooo gross! Come on girl! Lol. Diapers, poop, maybe she should put diapers on her dogs, to help w the poop? Sonja needs Steve Gold to list her place! Then it’ll sell! OMG now seeing Bethenny’s apartment! Incredible!! The bar is so chic! Oh sick, Bethenny just talked about licking a toilet bowl! So gross!

Dorinda is STILL pissed off about Luann? Come on girl. I like how Luann said one thing and Dorinda said twenty, but she’s still not over it. Luann DID say sorry.

Sonja is so funny about her townhouse rental price. Girl! It’s a buyer’s market right now!

So happy Bethenny is seeing Luann. Hopefully she will give her the real picture. Luann trying to justify Dorinda’s actions, come on Lou. Oucchhh burn to Carole about the men she likes, young and no responsibility! Bethenny and Luann are like my favs this season, plus Sonja of course! Oucchhh Lou is ripping people apart this episode! Last week, Dorinda, this week, Ramona!

I almost wish Dorinda’s hair wasn’t white because I feel like I’m watching a grandma on TV. Yes, apparently Carole is dating that #redscarf guy? This is so annoying but I love it. Lol. I agree though, it is kind of weird Bethenny reached out to him, after talking crap. Dorinda just said she hasn’t heard from her, then remembers she just saw her! I’m so over Carole, I can’t wait for her to be gone. Her voice is just so hard to listen to. Here goes Dorinda talking shit.

Not sure how I feel about Carole’s looks’ these days (fashion wise). She’s definitely taking risks this season, in more than demeanor. Carole looks sooo old compared to Adam. This convo seems awkward af. Did they ever complete that book? Or did Adam get to do it by himself like he wanted to originally? Oh hey Heather! I remember you. Didn’t hate her, but eventually she got reallllly annoying! I like how Carole is blaming Bethenny’s personality on why they aren’t friends, like, isn’t that why you became friends?!

Yeah, my 2 favorites, Bethenny and Sonja. I love that Sonja and Bethenny have this supportive relationship. Even though that made me recall a time when Bethenny was v hard on Sonja. Soo funny Sonja said she has a new “Netflix and chill” relationship! Haha Sonja says, “now she’s seen it all” because of this guy’s outfit? This coming from the girl who wears diapers on a plane! This is really cool to see how they create jeans! Holy crap the weather looks terrible in NYC!

I can’t believe John was going to give away a giftvcard on Rachel Ray and Dorinda told him not to! Don’t listen John, I always go if there’s a gift card! I can’t tell how much Dorinda actually likes him though.

Ramona looks great w her haircut! OMG crazy eyes always! I like how her event is at the same location as the “blowout”. Ooo I like Lou’s purple jacket! Tinsley’s trying to make jokes about the MX trip, it’s like, girl, come on, you were just crying about it. OMG! Sonja bringing HER shoes to Ramona’s event?! Haha only Sonja! Yessss, just realized she’ll probably offer some to Dorinda! OUCCCCHHH she didn’t bring Carole OR Dorinda shoes! Lol! Yessss Sonja! Go girl!

Ramona saying Bethenny is either angry or crying, angry or crying, like are u serious? She doesn’t even hang out w her! I love that at least Sonja is being nice to Bethenny. Wow! Dorinda now just wants an “I’m sorry” back. Why is everything a battle of who’s sorry? If I was old, I would use Ramona’s skin care line!

OMG the previews for next week!!!!

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