RHOC – S13 E4 Judge, Jury and Gina

Kelly Dodd & Vicky Gunvalson Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E4 – Judge, Jury and Gina

Oh God, Gina’s name is in the title of this episode. Hopefully it’s a good thing? Haven’t seen much from her yet! Can’t wait to see the Vicki/Kelly convo, hoping it goes well, but def #teamkelly in this situation. Coming off of a great girls trip in MX!

Aweee, Vicki is taking Tamra to the doctor. So sweet! Tamra’s doctor is kind of cute?? Of courssse Vicki tells the doctor she was naked when it happened! This guy’s jawline is incredible! Tamra just brought up Kelly again. Ooww loving the side braid Tamra’s rocking in her interview look! Everyone is #teamkelly, just wish Vicki would apologize already.

I feel like there might be hope for this Emily chick. Even tho she’s exercising w her family, like, is this entertainment? Her husband hasn’t passed the Bar?! Even Craig passed!

Kelly looks smoking per usual. Here comes “the talk”. Hoping it goes well, I want everyone to get along! This group is actually entertaining when they’re friends, unlike other franchises that just need drama for ratings! Oucchhh #Fairweatherfan? Vicki, “I deserve respect”, my God. Haha she is awfully high and mighty. At least now Vicki’s apologizing. I still don’t think she gets it though. Kelly’s lips look great! I need to go next month! Looks like things are settled, but we’ll see.

Shannon’s doing food now? Well good for her, everyone’s gotta get some! Can’t rely on David to pay for vacation forever! Seems like everything is over spiced. Lol watching the girls faces! Haha they’re feeding the dog! Lol Shannon gsaying Tamra eats “cardboard”.

Omg Gina driving her kids to the zoo, shoot me. My kids will NOT behave like that…hopefully 😉 Probably because they lack authority and a father figure.

Zoos make me depressed now that I’m older, poor animals kept in cages! Let them free! I want Gina to move back to NY now that she’s divorced and convert her to either RHONY or RHONJ. Let her replace Carole! These kids are going to have major daddy issues. Aweeee how many more “wakeups” is that? That was soooo freakin cute!! Breaks my heart! Just messaged Gina on #Instagram to let her know.

Yes, the OGs are about to meet the new girls. I wonder if Vicki’s feelings were hurt at all that Tamra invited her AFTER the plans were made. Or was that always the plan? I love that Shannon was in law school. Go girl! Lol her reasoning for dropping out is hilarious! Gina is walking in and looks pissed? I’m sure that was just bad timing. Lol I love the tres amigas dance!! So far so good w the convos between everyone. Kelly isn’t there yet though..shit Shannon just said when she was 33 she was rocking her natural look, is it bad that I’ve had my lips done?! Next I want Botox!

Yessss, first mistake. Newport bashing from Gina AND Shannon already always hates new girls. Lol. Seems like it’s OK so far though, Shannon’s talking about food, all good. OMG the girls went from talking about David and Shannon to Kelly! Kelly’s blowing shit up. Vicki is right though, I thought they just settled this? Like literally. Kelly just wants her to know over and over how wrong it was, I guess that’s ok, but are we moving on or what? Clearly, not. HOLY CRAP did Gina just call Vicki a loser?! She better watch it! Now Kelly’s bringing in a new guy after she just blew up on Vicki? Awkward, probably just wants Vicki to tell Michael. This is soooo weird!

Lol I love that all the OGs are leaving together and admitting it was awkward; the recap of dinners was everything! I love that Shannon is bringing up the Gina situation. Need more #drama!

Love Tamra sage-ing the house! Her ass looks great on that scooter thing! Haha! I’m sure Eddie loves it! I can’t believe how serious Eddie’s heart situation is. I feel so bad for him! They just brought up never having sex again. Is it sad that I find it awkward now when they talk about being romantic? Vicki kind of ruined that for me. Lol I liked Gina’s analogy just now, about people on the street walking in NY vs CA.

OMG is this Emily chick seriously asking her young daughter for advice on how to talk to her husband? So weird. Ouchhh did her husband just call her out for not cooking? He is so NOT hot, lol. I’m sure she’s really nice, but idk she just has manly facial features.

Hmm Vicki and Gina are going on a walk…let’s see how this goes. The footage of her prepping her pills, haha! #oldpeopleproblems. I think Vicki is approaching it OK initially, but now it’s getting heated. Gina doesn’t know how to proceed w caution/slowly…Vicki seems like she’s trying to intimidate Gina and put her in her place, but it’s not working. Holy crap Gina is the same age as Brianna? They do not look the same age! Honestly I think Gina looks older than 33. Until next week…





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