RHOC – S13 E3 Tres Amigos

Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson & Kelly Dodd RHOC – S13 E3 Tres Amigos

I’m very curious going into this episode to see if Kelly can convince the other ladies to take her side, or if they will have a falling out w Vicki at all over her “girlcode” betrayal w Kelly? I feel so bad for Kelly over the whole Michael dating Vicki’s friend thing. Clearly, she is genuinely hurt. Vicki just said she doesn’t want to get in the middle of it and then calls Michael directly after! Aweee, I feel so bad for Kelly!! Kelly’s impression of Vicki yelling, please Kelly no. Haha! But that was pretty accurate.

I am so excited for this Mexico trip! Go Shannon for setting this up! Vicki smiling immediately when Tamra brought up Kelly, seems kinnnd of shady. I just think she knows when she’s in the wrong and doesn’t know how to handle it. I feel like Vicki using the, “Michael told me not to say anything” excuse is a little too convenient. Kelly’s daughter’s advice is spot on, if only Kelly was more level headed like her. Lol!

Not really feeling these new moms, sorry I’m not going to stroller workouts. But I give them major props. Ugh, they’re just talking sooo much and it all sounds so boring. I don’t carrrrreeee.

Now she’s talking about poop? Like come on girl.

Shannon is so cute w her daughters, I actually like her better as a single mother! Shannon waiting for the girls is pretty funny, I love that she’s prepared!! Yassssss, so excited for this girls trip! I love all the people standing around watching this mess! Lol!! Falling all over and breaking glass! OMG!! Vicki pee’d so bad! #Classic.

Holy crap the view is incredible out of the girl’s rooms. I wanna stay there! I think all the girls get along because they all have high pitched screaming voices. Lol. This couldn’t be a better way to start season 13! Vicki is confirming the girls know where they live before going out! Haha! I love that the girls are encouraging Shannon to get “laid” lol! Ya right! Not like she couldn’t, just don’t think that’s her style. I need to get to Andelaze ASAP! OMG!!! Tamra just pulled down her shirt in public! Money well spent!

This #GNO looks like the best night ever! I love these tres amigos! “Muyyy Bueno, muy buenooo” hahaha love you Shannon! Aweee hearing Tamra talk about Eddie, I love them together! Ugh oh, talking about Brooks AGAIN! Holy crap Shannon just threw Vicki under the bus! Lol! Yesssss, Tamra I agree! I think she’s trying to convince us about Steve too! Ugh yes, thank you for that moment, “Brooks where are you?” Lol. Holy drunk mess, these ladies are clearly influencing my life!

Bahaha Tamra naked in the Jacuzzi! Smokin hot babe! Shannon, “the fat lady”. At least this year she’s owning it. She looks great these days tho, she’s clearly lost weight. Ouuuuchhhh that fall to the ground looked painful! Lol! I can’t believe she jumped in the Jacuzzi! I miss the old wild Vicki too! Slight burn from Tamra, “Kelly would be in here w us”. Now she’s realizing she broke her foot! I hate that feeling, because yes, I’ve been there! Getting hurt drunk, you have other priorities! Lol Tamra took a cab to the hospital by herself while the others slept! Shannon wants carbs for breakfast, the fruit won’t work for her! Holy crap so many shots!

Ugh, now we’re back to CA w the newbie, Gina. Still not sure how exciting she is? Yes, the infamous wheel chair scene. Ugh, this is wayyy too close to home. I just broke my leg almost a year ago exactly! It was terrible! Omg I’m loving these hats! Shannon just described her drunken behavior as, “sexy’ish”. That’s what you think at first girl, but “drunk girl” doesn’t go far w the guys.

Yikes, Tamra just brought up the fight w Vicki and Kelly out of nowhere and now they’re talking about it. But I’m glad because I want to hear about it! OMG Vicki just said, she’s sure she’ll go out w Kelly and her future boyfriends on double dates too”, like idk about that Vicki, I’m pretty sure Kelly hates you right now. She doesn’t understand Kelly’s feelings are hurt and just can’t say sorry? Is it that hard? Shannon just said Kelly’s side 100% and I’m glad she talked to Vicki about it. Hopefully Vicki really will apologize.

OMG this situation w Tamra is like de javu. Awe looking back on the tequila tasting, I loved that small scene! Holy crap look how skinny Shannon was!! Shannon’s passed out from PKs. If we don’t get Tamra, at least we still have Vicki and Shannon to watch! This is why the #RHOC is one of my favs, if not my fav, franchise! Always entertaining and lovable! I don’t understand why Vicki is trying to be the “calm one” when it comes to Shannon. Shannon’s breakdown is sad, but are we going to have to watch this all season? I mean I know it’s reality and I should be happy I get to see this. But its depressing. Lol. At least she’s dating now! Go Shannon!

Aweee I can’t believe Shannon’s daughters call Vicki, Auntie Vicki! That was sooo cute! Awe shit a little kissing action to end the episode! Haha!









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