RHONY – S10 E17 Ship Happens

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives of New York – S10 E17 Ship Happens

About to start this week’s episode of RHONY and the picture for this episode is Sonja flashing! I can already tell this is going to be amazing. Hopefully less B attacks. This vacation has been rough. Dorinda was horrible last episode!

Ramona’s new boobs are insane! I love how she comes out and says I think the “new thing” is Dorinda and Lou. OMG! She says, “now it’s all coming back to me”. She is such a pot stirrer! Lou says she feels like she’s been sucker punched (by Dorinda). I can’t wait to see what Dorinda has to say. Of course, Carole is trying to explain Dorinda’s side. Holy crap, 2 seconds at the table and shits already getting turnt. Dorinda walks in, the only seat left is next to Lou (who planned that?). Lou acknowledges Dorinda right away and then calls her out! Go Lou! Dorinda says after all she’s done for her, ya unfortunately that doesn’t mean shit now. Once you say something wasted, it’s hard to take back. Lol I love that Sonja just said Dorinda is spiraling. I think Dorinda is still drunk!

Lol Ramona saying she’s sick of this shit. OMG I’m so over Carole telling Bethenny to stoppp stoppp. I lovvvvve Sonja! Wow Dorinda just said she’s holding back and could have been a lot meaner, and I think that was when she was sober in her interview?! Carole saying she’s so busy? What is she busy doing? Missing deadlines? Training for a marathon? I don’t know.

Just saw previews for what’s to come and Dorinda’s crying saying she feels bad. Ya know kidding! After she just freaked out again? Now Carole wants to cancel the boat trip. Bethenny is just so sad about losing their friendship and Carole has no heart. My God, Luanne is trying to talk to Dorinda and Dorinda’s acting psycho again! Luanne just apologized and Dorinda is denying what she said?! Ugh I can’t stand her this season!! Can she go please? She’s not making anything “nice” anymore. Omg, now she’s just going back to what Lou said over and over instead of what she said. Lou said 1 thing, Dorinda said a million. And Lou is letting her off so easy!

Bethenny was just talking about everything w Carole and she was RIGHT there listening! I actually think that was a good thing! At least now she “knows” what Bethenny’s thinking. Like she kept asking last episode. Carole just keeps calling Bethenny a 12 year old. Bethenny just hugged her and said she loved her, so maybe there’s hope? JK we already know Carole isn’t coming back next season.

These little private islands with houses are sooo cute! Haha Sonja is drunk when they arrive and the lady working looks at her like she’s crazy. Woohoo Sonja’s flashing! Haha her tags! Everything was light and fun and now Dorinda is breaking down over her actions. Dorinda is trying to make it better but idk. Here she’s showing emotion but what about that interview we just saw where she said she had no regrets? Oh, back to the interview. Now she said she’s projecting (Luanne), no Dorinda, you have a problem.

Tinsley is breaking down all of the things she’s done for herself. Come on girl. Yes, Lou and Sonja are practicing for #Countessandfriends. I wish I could go see it! Oh damn, the staff just came out and said they have to leave! They are all having a great time!

OMG Sonja yelling @ Tinsley about taking her on the boat. Sonja is wasted but I love it, she just peed herself, #Vicki moment. Holy cow this is insane. Idk what I would do, this is so scary! Bethenny’s almost crying in the interview! OMG Tinsley saying the boat ride didn’t affect her. Ewww why is there poop smear on the ground? They all have diarrhea? Sick.

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