Southern Charm – S5 E16 Reunion Part 2

Kathryn Dennis & Ashley Jacobs Southern Charm – S5 E16 Reunion Part 2

I can’t waittttt to see what happens tonight on Part 2 of the Southern Charm Reunion! Please be everything I’ve wanted and more! Cam won my heart last episode, even though she already had it!

Kathryn’s disappearing act was crazy this season. Obviously, she was never on film, so we don’t know for sure if she was on drugs or drinking, but per Kathryn, she was sober and just in a dark place. I have issues with depression as well, but I’ve never had it so bad that I’ve went that long without responding to messages, I’d think I would at least touch base with my family. I love seeing the support the cast has had for Kathryn. I love how Shep always has the final word. Shep saying he gets depressed from his partying cycle, well ya, alcohol is a depressant!

Lol now we’re talking about Shep’s women?! Shep just said he sleeps with around 4-6 women a week?! Haha, go playa! He was getting laid before the show, I’m not surprised he still is now. I didn’t watch Relationshep though, I guess I can always save it for a rainy day. Omg he picked a 22 year old? None of those girls looked cute. Not like he’s smoking, he has a dad bod (aka the old #beerbelly). “How many privileged idiots does it take to grill ribs?” whoever said that is a genius. Wow, Shep saying, “she’s really good” about Kathryn. Would have been better if he said great…oh well. They just joked about it maybe happening tonight? Wink, wink… (fingers crossed for baby Shepryn)! So far so good for the reunion, and Ashley hasn’t even come out yet!

I feel like Craig just agrees with what people have to say to have to think less, like agreeing with Shep living downtown is like living on, Bourbon St. Shep still won’t admit he got jealous about Austen, instead he was bummed he missed the great scene and said Austen must have had fun. Hopefully next season we won’t have to talk about the Chelsea, Shep & Austen trio! Craig, “I wish they invited me out”, sorry Craig, go sew. Naomi, the “Ambition” (for the guys on the cast) is to not work. Great quote, she’s my role model, minus the crazy ex stuff. I wonder how Austen’s beer business is going today? Can’t believe his dad was in the FBI!

Wow! Austen just said they (Chelsea and he), “didn’t go out on dates” that was such a slap on the face and he didn’t even realize it. Yes, keep listing the places Chelsea. I never saw that tweet by Austen, looks like he has a new GF now anyway. I think Chelsea has a new boo too! Still no Ashley! I hope they give us enough time with her!! Haha. Ashley said she’s going to, “just be the best person she can be”! Ughhh Chelsea might be my fav one on the show! Chelsea has the best body! All of these women are amazing! Can we have a spinoff with just the chicks?!

That Victoria situation was awkward! Clearly Austen was just with her, because he couldn’t have Chelsea. Never be #2 ladies! Now it sounds like Shep was also with her? These guys are serious #Manwhores or maybe Charleston is that small? Ew, I can’t believe Andy asked if they’ve ever had a threesome? HAHA Shep saying it was PG13, not R is hilarious! OMG the cast is saying Chelsea and Austen have a natural chemistry, which I agree. Haha Cameran just said they’ll never get back together! Craig is completely projected his situation with Naomi onto Austen and Chelsea. Even though I agree Austen would prob go back and it’s Chelsea who wouldn’t take him. He is a babe tho! OMG! Austen just sad faced the end of that scene! How could you be with someone who clearly still loves another woman?

OMG Ashley’s outfit is #whorrendous! Her hair is half up, so idk how she’s going to do the #hairflip she was obsessed with talking to her stylist. Kathryn just said she wished she had a water gun to squirt her with!! Yassss, love her! Okay, the #kathrynvsashley scene is starting!

Holy crap! Ashley thinks, “that if people understood her ‘humor’ they’d know she tends to ‘poke and tease’ and get a rise out of people and mayybe she wouldn’t be taken so seriously”. Are you Kidding me?! Nothing about what she said or did this season was funny! She looks anorexic! She blames her nerves, but I get it. I never want to eat when I have anxiety. You can hear the shaking in her voice when she talks about all the negative social media.

Ashley saying how she met Thomas was him asking her what she did for a living? Like that’s not describing the situation…? She said that showed he, “truly cared”. Is that related to the accusations that came out on in the finale? Maybe she’s not used to guys asking her questions. Andy’s like, that’s a normal question. Omg! Ashley’s first thing she said was she loves, “scaring him” in regard to Thomas. Who says that?! Especially first thing! She sounds horrible! Constantly pranking! Ashley said, “they try to have fun”…sounds like a #crazyhouse! She said they stay in now and are low key. She told him, “I’m not leaving, ya, we saw that throughout the season already! She basically forced him to not break up with her. Yessss, Andy is asking about when Kathryn revealed she and Thomas slept together after the last reunion! Lol he had been with Ashley a month and Kathryn had no idea! Ashley said she knew, bummer. OMG! Ashley just said she was, “really scared”, of Kathryn going into the season. Kathryn went into the season slowly and approachable. Ashley was a psycho from the start, going after her!

Andy, “What was your impression of Ashley the first night you met her?”, Kathryn, “I just thought she was normalish”. Lol! Best thing ever. OMG she knew him a week before she met his kids? I guess everything with them moved super fast so not really surprised! Plus Thomas has no respect. Ashley, “Thomas doesn’t do it anywhere but the bed”, Kathryn, “that’s not true”. Lol, #awkward. She just seems like a fish out of water on this show.

Holy crap the amount of times they just showed her bringing up engagement! Oh now, she doesn’t want to marry him?! Now she’s working and busy. Lol! She just wants to date now? I literally just laughed, come on girl. Oh wow! She can meet guys who are richer! So…she’s had a lot of ex’s and she’s made more money than they have? How is a nurse that rich?!

OMG Ashley said it doesn’t affect her that Thomas said I love you to Kathryn. I feel like she’s trying sooo hard to not show her true feelings @ the reunion and hold it together! OMG she just admitted she knew that Kathryn would care about the Halloween pictures? This girl is nutto. Now she’s denying realizing Thomas would pay for her shopping spree? Ohhh but she was going to return it? OMG!!! Ashley just said, “he did give you 2 children (to Kathryn)” and she replied, “Oh, I didn’t give him 2 children, okay”. This girl. But that was amazing Kathryn.

Wow, Ashley said Patricia told her to be against Kathryn. She might have said that initially, but they are bffs now. OMG!! Best comment ever, my biggest regret I would change is going on that shopping trip with you”. Lol! I love Craig’s reaction, so glad he’s next to Kathryn! The entire cast is in awe. Back to Patricia though. Sounds like Thomas attacked Patricia on social media which started the fight between them.

Holy crap! Ashley just said Kathryn should hold herself accountable?! Are you kidding me? This is such bullshit! Ashley said she has only taken 4 drug tests?! Are you fing kidding me?! Saying she almost didn’t make it to the test because she had to work?! Wow. Yes, she is a complete asshole, thank you for pointing that out Kathryn. I can’t believe Ashley! She is whorrible!

Lol Ashley just said she was being a bitch, is it sad that made me laugh? I guess I just feel like there is way more to it than that. Lol! So, she’s apologizing for her behavior and wishes she would have done it somewhere else. Not apologizing for what she’s said or how she’s said it! So, in other words, she’s still horrible! I love Craig bringing up Thomas calling her a dog w a chew toy! She is so crazy! She is in denial and nuts. Haha she’s saying Shep doesn’t even know? OMG! This sounds like a classic abusive relationship! Cameran is trying to reason with her. Yes Austen, denial, thank you. She’s not even listening! Trust her judgement?! Omg! She is just defending Thomas to the death! “Save yourself and go back to California” Cameran!

I love that Patricia and Kathryn are friends now! Oh, now we’re jumping to the Ashley escort accusation. Apparently, the ex-girlfriend started the rumor. Kathryn said Ashley signed an NDA? Yes! Craig straight up asks her if she has threatened him?! Like she would ever admit that! Haha Ashley trying to compare Kathryn to her, Kathryn is changed! Clearly. Lol all the breakup recaps! OMG!! She just said they won’t be invited to the wedding! Another comment about a wedding?!

Yes, Kathryn telling her F you! Holy Crap! Kathryn has tried every attempt to reason with this girl and make her see clearly but she is so ignorant and doesn’t even realize anything! She’s continuing to make digs and continuing to bring up her losing custody! She’s clearly judging her and then she says she wants to try and make it right? OMG Andy saying he would get in a physical fight over the incident, that says sooo much! Yes! Kathryn said she does not want her around her kids. Meanwhile, Ashley wants to make amends? Haha, Kathryn, “I think you need to focus on loving yourself”! Preach sista. Round of applause for Kathryn!

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