Below Deck Mediterranean – S3 E10 Hannah, Hannah, Sandy?

Hannah Ferrier & Captain Sandy Yawn Below Deck Mediterranean – S3 E10 Hannah, Hannah, Sandy?

Pretty sure this is the episode where Sandy says she wants to fire Hannah. Lunch on the beach is a yes (picking up where we left off from last week’s episode). Well Hannah is now admitting it’s not just anxiety about Conrad, which I’m grateful for, because she was looking quite pathetic for a second!

Brooke is practically working solo as a stewardess. OMG Joao just said he loves “pressure charters”. Who says that? Lol. I am a last min Lucy too! I work best under pressure. Another crying staff member?! Poor Sandy.

Well Brooke and Joao are spending quality time together! I’m sure they’re loving that. Wow Kacey talking shit about Hannah while she’s out. Girl please, check yourself before you wreck yourself! Does she not remember her sea sickness?

Guests have arrived to their beach lunch, the Primary charter guest looks hammered, but the food looks amazing! Wow Sandy is calling out Conrad’s performance. Implying it’s because Hannah is gone! Probably true, or maybe it’s because she said something last episode and they agreed to give each other space…either way, due to Sandy. Lol. Seems like everything went seamlessly, not surprised. This episode is probably going to be all about Hannah being the problem. Conrad has serious daddy issues. He is so cute with Hannah though, wonder if they are still together?

Joao just challenged Conrad about his job again. I do think that Conrad was over the top in his reaction. I’m sure he’s just so over him kissing up to Sandy (aka being himself lol and her just loving him) and questioning his position. I saw Joao already worked on another yacht after the season, so I’m sure he has added on enough experience for Bosun. OMG if he’s Bosun next season?! Probably has had too much drama for that.

Sandy gives great positive reinforcement and advice. She lovvvvves Joao! Haha! He’s probably her fav crew member! I love how Brooke thinks it’s sooo nice of Kacey to put personal stuff aside. Well Joao just finished driving the boat, while Conrad was a turd in the ocean. Sandy just said she was impressed with Conrad too. So that’s good! Basically, everyone but Hannah. Nothing’s happened yet, but I know I saw something in the previews.

The guests are sleeping through dinner…four of them are awake and hungry. No one from the crew is around, Brooke is basically alone. Now Brooke is making coffee for the primary’s! She’s not even asking the others if they are hungry. I’m so hungry right now and Adam’s food looks amazing!! Lol, I think Colin is the best one of the crew. I love when he sings and he always has a positive attitude! Seems like he’s always calling his mom too, which is so cute.

Hannah was sick vomiting her eyes out yesterday with a fever, yet the FIRST thing she asks Kacey, (who she just hated), is about Brooke and Joao drama. Like shouldn’t it be about work? Annnd I thot you hated Kacey? So confused. Not that into her this season, which is sad because I loved her. I wonder if it will be a new Chief Stew next season? Or a new captain?! Dunt, dunt, duhhhhh…Idk which one I want more!!

Good I’m glad Jamie brought up Kacey to Joao, doesn’t seem like that relationship is closed necessarily. Adam just gave Sandy the “onion” idea, not sure how this is going to go? Sandy just said she thinks the idea is “awesome” though, okay now maybe the positivity is overkill.

I like how Hannah is trying to be her chipper self but seems so sick still. Oh, I’m glad Hannah is acknowledging Kacey is turning around. She just told Brooke now everyone can be “happy” and Brooke was a biotch. OMG! Hannah just said she, “thinks the only time she and Brooke will be friends again is when Joao fucks her over, and she knows he will”. Which I agree with completely. Lol. Brooke says she feels nastiness from Hannah! I feel like Brooke is the one giving that off!

Hannah is kind of having flirty vibes with the primary charter guest. She said she feels like a grandma with this crew. Kind of creepy if you think about it. Ohhh Colin and Brooke are flirting…! She was @ WWHL with him…hopefully they are together! I would totally support that. He is the kind of guy that should be with Brooke! Hannah just asked Conrad to grab the wakeboard and now Sandy is yelling at him. Is this the theme of the season? Drama with Conrad and Hannah? Now Sandy is blaming Hannah for his work ethic? At least he is speaking up. Seems like Sandy’s trying to work with him.

Wellll Sandy just said Hannah has pulled it together and is ready to go. But I’ve seen previews for the complete opposite, so shits about to go down. Brooke talking to Joao about tension, it’s like YOU’RE the one making tension!

Hannah’s out partying on the boat with the guests. Holy crap! Sandy just flipped out on Conrad (about Hannah) and now they’re in trouble. Sandy just dropped the, “I want to fire her ass” comment. OMG I can’t believe how Sandy just reacted to Hannah, like she told her to go to her cabin. Then tells her to leave immediately like she’s her child? We’ll see where this goes next week. Hopefully Hannah is not fired, I mean the season is almost over, I doubt that will happen.

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