RHONY – S10 E16 – Guess Who’s Arguing @ Dinner?

Tinsley Mortimer, Ramona Singer, Luann De Lesseps, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan & Bethenny Frankel Real Housewives of New York – S10 E16 – Guess Who’s Arguing @ Dinner? @ Instagram

Round two in Columbia. Picking up where we left off, Bethenny’s anxiety attack. Oh wowwwww, Dorinda just said, “they’ve all been in situations where Bethenny has been unkind, you get what you get”. Are you kidding me Dorinda?! Is this because she didn’t thank you a million times for the #Nutcracker?

Sonja of course understands. “Negative toxic energy”, per Carole, luckily, you’re gone girl! OMG are you kidding me Carole? Bethenny won’t look her in the eye? Thank God for Sonja! She is my life. Why are Ramona and Luanne matching? Haha! Ugh oh, Sonja is telling Dorinda about the girls talking about Bethenny, you know this is going to get back to Bethenny! Lol. Okay, she say’s she’s not going to say anything. Do we believe her?

Ugh, Carole you are SUCH a cat lady. You should def give Baby to her daddy full time. #Catladyissues. Carole, “not being able to handle the crying”, it’s like clearly, she’s hurt! Carole just has no heart, so she doesn’t get it. Bethenny looks so depressed at shopping, I feel so bad for her! Yessss, Sonja is telling Bethenny about all the girls talking shit!

So Carole and Bethenny are the theme of this season and now Carole is leaving the show? Guess the B won.

Omg Carole thinks that Bethenny takes and takes and takes?! Yesssss, loving this #list Bethenny is putting out there! Can’t wait to hear them talk about it @ the reunion. Sonja is being honest, even though she’s causing tension, I love her. Just glad she’s friend’s with Bethenny (since no one else is). I have always loved Sonja though, she’s my #1 Housewife!

I like how Dorinda says she’s going to, “rip someone’s head off”? Who does she have beef with? Maybe she just means #hangary. Foreshadowing for later in this episode I assume. Okay, so Bethenny had the option to leave? But after talking to Dennis decided to stay. Does she use Dennis’s plane or something? No one reacting to Bethenny’s joke about poisoning?! #awkward.

The four originals, left at lunch, love it. #Cheers to the #OGs (fav line of the episode). Luann drinking water of course! Okay, Bethenny is trying to turn her attitude around, even though we’ve all seen the previews and know this dinner is going to turn up.

What the heck is Sonja wearing? I love her and the color pink, but not sure, looks a little 70s. Probably would have been a little better w white or navy bottoms. The earrings Carole gave her will help make it pop (even more lol). I love that Sonja says, “when Carole comes bearing gifts, that’s always a ‘red flag’”.

Ugh, Carole trying to talk to Sonja, so glad Sonja is completely on Bethenny’s side!! Ugh Sonja is the best. Lol! Carole said she’s made every attempt to try and figure out Bethenny?! Except for trying with Bethenny! She was a cold biotch @ their last dinner together (one on one). Just saw one of Carole and Tinsley’s commercials for Scott’s company, seems so desperate. Guess he’s gotta keep making that $ if he wants to keep her!

Okay, dinner is starting! Hoping for some drama! #Retailtherapy, doesn’t always make the issue go away, but you look damn amazing! OMG Sonja is talking to Bethenny about Carole #literally right at dinner! Sonja is now comparing she and Ramona’s relationship w Bethenny & Carole’s.  There is no comparison, they have been friends for years (Sonja and Ramona)! Bethenny and Carole were friends for like 1 season (it felt like).

Why is Carole so naked on this vacation? All these see thru dresses, I mean I like tonight’s (kind of) but not last week (that was horrible!). Ugh I can’t handle Carole talking to Dorinda, she’s so annoying! Just repair your friendship and clearly, she doesn’t want to! She is saying she wants to talk it out and find out what’s wrong, but then doesn’t go up to her. Okay, finally she is.

Wow, Bethenny explaining her side and Carole just going NO? I can’t handle her. She’s the one that’s cold!! I like that Sonja is offering to go away because Tinsley is clearly being nosey AF. Lol, Luann going after Dorinda! Out of nowhere! Maybe she was trying to divert the attention from Carole and Bethenny? Or is it a competition, who can get more air time? I’m honestly confused. Whoa!!! Dorinda just called out Luann on her felony and then a glass broke! Karma? She better be careful. She is such a lush and doesn’t even realize it or OWN it. Fight vs fight. I love how Dorinda is asking for an apology and doesn’t even realize she owes one to Lou! Holy crap! Now she’s attacking her mug shot?! This is the “friend” who was there for her and spoke with her so much after the arrest?!

Carole says she’s the same person she’s been, ya right! Obviously, she has changed! Even the viewers have noticed it. I agree, with Bethenny, Carole does have this, “I’m too cool vibe”. Dorinda just said she’s not going to talk to Lou again!! Haha, kind of extreme Dorinda. Yes, Lou’s comment was unnecessary, but definitely accurate! Haha go have another cig! Haha Tinsley, “I have a mugshot too! Whatever”, (#spoiler but then later on is talking shit about Luann on the ride home?) Sonja is the voice of reason this season! OMG Bethenny is losing it! She just yelled, “Read it! Read it!”, at Carole! I want her to read it, prove it Carole! Pfff Carole just saying she “defended her (Bethenny) to the death”, when? Definitely not now.

I feel bad for Bethenny! Clearly, she’s so hurt over this. It doesn’t seem like Carole cares, she says she does…but idk. She just said being friend’s with Bethenny is like an abusive relationship?! Brutal.

Are you kidding me Tinsley?! Her quote regarding Luann leaving, “She thinks she can just walk away? Oh, because I’m in recovery”. You should go in recovery Dorinda!!! Maybe she should respect the fact that Luann understands and sees an issue! She SHOULD cry? Wow Dorinda. That car ride home was a shit talking joke! At least Sonja was there so she can tell B and Luann. Thank God Bethenny is there for Lou! Ugh can’t wait for this at the reunion as well, and Lou won’t be there, so Bethenny will have to step in and defend her! Yessss, Bethenny is telling Lou about PR! Now Lou asks, what happened with Carole? You don’t even want to know Lou.

Haha Dorinda recapping the convo with Luann, um that’s NOT how it went, sorry sister. Good news is Lou was sober, so she WILL remember all the details/sentences. She’s (Dorinda) the MOST FORGIVING PERSON? Hahaha. I think she forgives, but remembers and holds on, did you hear what she said about Bethenny earlier?!

Ugh, Dorinda is soooo sloppy, I wonder how she feels when she watches this footage and sees herself? I know she’s currently not drinking, I think? I find that hard to believe though.

Holy CRAP! Bethenny is hilarious!!! You should wipe your face off before we talk about it! Yes, Bethenny just called Carole a moron and I loved every second of it! She also just went off and spoke up for Lou, but not in a mean way. Dorinda is a mess!

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