The Bachelorette – Wk 9 Overnight Dates

Jason Tartick The Bachelorette – Wk 9 Overnight Dates

If you read my blog last week, you know I am #shocked Colton was sent home! I’m sure it was because he was a #virgin; Becca wants someone with experience and this week is overnight dates! I hope she picks Travis or Garrett, because Blake is my absolute #fav. Love his emotional side and the commitment he is showing about wanting a relationship! Take it from a single, thirty year old in Chicago, that is very hard to find these days!

I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand! I even said that on my #Bachelor application! Guess they probably won’t go there next season? It looks amazing! I was supposed to go this year with my GFs, but I went to #Coachella instead, #Beyonce was worth it.

Becca says she’s in LOVE w two men and falling in love w a third?! I think Jason is the third…but who knows! Brutal though, idk 1. How I could love more than 1 person and 2. How I could end it with the other people?! OMG Becca said her connection w Jason is off the charts?! Who knows…sounds like she appreciates the fun side to their relationship.

Her relationship is effortless with Blake!! Ugh, so hard!! OMG she just said she, “can’t imagine NOT having Blake in her life”? Does that mean she’s going to pick him? OR does that mean he’s going to go home?!! #foreshadowing Let’s be real, Blake would make the best #Bachelor!! First date is Blake? Hmm…

Becca has a great butt FYI! She was prob kicking a** at the gym before this though, I would be (currently trying my best to work out almost everyday)! Becca and Blake keep saying how its been, soooo long? How long do they go without seeing each other?

Ugh, Blake seems so head over heels for Becca. I hope this works out for him (even though I #heart him), just would hate to see him #heartbroken. Not surprised she didn’t use that threshold date on Garrett (sexual chemistry) or Jason (“best” kisser). Blake is just so 100% real, its nuts, which makes you love him so much more!

The thunder in the back of their date is amazing! That would be so sexy and romantic! I can’t believe Blake was #blindsided in his last #relationship. Who would dump him? So, Blake bringing up the other guys, how do female viewers feel about this? I know as women, it is not recommended to show insecurity, jealousy, etc. But from a guy it just seems so vulnerable and reassuring. Blake said, “It’s good to hear she felt the way he feels now”, but how is that possible? She ended up dumped, I would not want to relate in his situation. OMG Becca is superstitious too, so am I! Plus, she has a small cross tattoo, just like me. I am kind of wondering if she thinks he’s too good to be true? #Cray to hear her say she has a week and a half to make a decision on commitment! Good luck girl! Rooting for you!

That time is just soooo fast, idk how these relationships last too be honest. Ughhhh Blake is perfect!! How is she not picking him right now? Oh ya, there’s a contract w/ @ABC. #morningafter footage, kind of awkward? It looked like Blake was about to cry. I want to throw up for him. I just think Blake is being honest, hopefully Becca doesn’t see it as a weakness. I have a feeling she’s going to pick him in the end, I mean come on. I just wish she could tell him, it will be OK (but then I don’t because it’d be great if he was the #Bachelor). Ugh his nipples look so nice hahaha! (sorry).

Here comes Jason. I’m sure they’ll have “tons” of fun. Jason seems the most “normal” aka #basic. Is the dancing behind the Asian ladies disrespectful to their culture? I don’t know, it’s an honest question. They were just having a little “fun”, lol. She said he feels like a best friend, and watching them interact kind of seems like that could that be the reason she dumps him? I know I have definitely ended things w guys (or not even started) because it was too close to #friend #vibes. Holy crap! Becca is freaking out. She doesn’t know if she can see a #future w Jason? Yea, I knew that already. Should have moved forward w Colton, jk I know she doesn’t want him either (apparently). OMG is she going to dump him right now?! This is basically exactly what I just said, #friend #vibes. Becca, “why is this happening right now?”, because now is the time to think about it girl! #Before the overnight option!

Okay, so she’s going to give it one last shot and have dinner. I give her #props for that. Poor Jason though, he’s going into tonight “feeling good”, basically complete opposite of Becca. They’re opening up this dinner talking about his family? I do not recall them talking about Blake’s family date? Like isn’t it time to talk about their relationship?! Gosh, Jason is doing a lot of talking right now and its #boring me. Oh good, he just acknowledged it. I’m glad he’s asking where Becca stands. OMG is she going to be #honest w him right now?! Good for you Becca! But what’s going to happen next (anticipation)…?! She’s confused but honestly, I think she took the #safe route. I knew she never liked Jason that much. If Colton was there (I honestly think she really liked him, but he was #young and a #virgin), she’d be f’d (not literally), which is why I think she took him out last episode. Yep, now she’s #dumping him. But it’s for the best, I’m sure he has a GF now, and if not, is in a better place than before the show (hopefully). Ughhh, he’s like #pushing her to hang with him in the #fantasysuite and it’s NOT happening. She’s trying to let you down easy bud! I wonder if this has anything to do with what #Blake said to her? So it’s #Blake or #Garrett?!#Guarantee she picks #Blake! Becca is feeling guilty, but she shouldn’t. She didn’t see a future, she cut him loose. He’s lucky he didn’t have to wait it out longer!

I’m glad she’s excited to see Garrett, but now I’m just ready for the finale! Loving Becca’s dress with Garrett for their #daytime date. I think she likes Garrett more than I realize (cough cough, #teamblake). Even though Garrett is a total babe! This #rafting date looks soooo fun!! Plus she picked a nice manly partner (but Blake’s manly too). Seems kind of chaotic but so cool and he looks so cute! They definitely are an amazing team! But I don’t see the connection w him like I do with (she and) Blake! Well she’s talking w Garrett about his home date, so maybe that’s not necessarily a bad thing? I just don’t remember that during Blake’s date. At least Becca’s feeling good about her Jason decision now.

Not sure how I feel about Becca’s evening look? I’m sure Garrett likes it since its basically see through. Garrett makes me nervous with this honest #fear talk. He’s been through it before though, so its understandable. I feel like Becca doesn’t even care. Like the fact that he was divorced doesn’t impact her whatsoever. Which is good! I mean he’s handsome, manly and nice! Did Becca ask Blake about their future? Becca is staring into Garrett’s eyes! UGH! Idk who she’s going to pick?! Garrett just said he loves her and hopes she’s the last woman he ever has to say that to!! OMG #heartmelting!! Um the hut they’re sleeping in doesn’t look very #luxurious lol. Oh ok, they confirmed its #glamping. Becca says she and Garrett have taken “leaps” in their relationship…! Looking better and better for Blake to be the #Bachelor (fingers crossed)!

Omgggg whyyyyy is Jason going back to Becca, her mind is made up. Okay, maybe he’s just looking for closure. I feel like he’s trying to make himself cry. It annoys me that Becca keeps saying she feels like Arie, because she is not acting like him. It seems like she is being honest and taking care of business once she makes up her mind. Jason walking out like a true gentleman now after he’s said goodbye. Okay, ya, time to go. I feel bad because he wasn’t ready to say he loved her, and then he did, and now he’s gone. For the best though, love #wins. Becca said the world needs more Jason’s! Well, at least now he’s single!

Ughhhh hearing Blake say he’s in love w Becca makes me tear up! Even though I know Blake is happy that he’s moving forward, he looks so frustrated every time he hears Becca compare them (he and Garrett) or use plural words. Lol. Idk why she makes him wait, maybe it’s because she will choose him!? Can’t wait to see what her family says!

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