RHOP – S3 E16 Au Revoir Drama

Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Candiace Dillard, Ashley Boalch Darby, Robyn Dixon & Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Real Housewives of Potomac – S3 E16 Au Revoir Drama

I just started getting into the #RHOP; binge watching the last 2 seasons before the season 3 premiere. I’m not going to lie, it’s my least fav #franchise. Is or isn’t Karen divorcing? Per Monique on #WWHL, she and Ray are NOT #divorcing. Let’s be real, Monique and Gizelle will never be #cool. I do think Monique needs to take #accountability for inviting Sherman’s ex to all these events recently. Apparently they’re going to agree to coexist. Guess we’ll see how that goes? The ladies are headed to a winery today, so I’ll be #shocked if there’s no drama! I love Monique and Chris #relationshipgoals. Reminds me of Tinsley’s lucky ass (#RHONY). Seems like Robyn’s always late. Wow, this winery they’re going to is amazing! Candiace reminds me of Edna (the short lady from the #Incredibles), w that hair style.

Not feeling Ashley’s dress, seems like she’s trying a little too hard w the hat and all…I guess when in France? Karen went from saying she was going to serve Ray when she got home, to saying that is why she’s been married for so long? Which one is it Karen? I feel like she’s so full of s**t. I’m glad the girls have been giving her a hard time. What is the truth? So weird, maybe she just makes up lies about herself to stay relevant.

OMG Charrisse is calling out Monique. Denying her role in the #mess, who do we believe? Monique is once again utilizing her relationship w Charrisse as a crutch. First with Hurricane supporters and now blaming her for inviting Sherman’s ex. Monique says Charrisse is just, “in a better place w Gizelle” and won’t own her part in it anymore.

Oh gosh, Candiace needs attn. again and the girls want to take pictures while there’s #goodlighting! Ughhh here come the tears, why is she so upset? She’s got a LOT going on?!! Are you kidding me? Because you are in love and having a wedding?  With a Mom that wants to be involved and is treating you to everything?! Yesssss, Gizelle is going in. Please girl, get her! Candiace needs to stop letting Karen guide her. OMG Candiace just called herself a Princess earlier in the episode! Now she’s saying someone else on the cast gave her the “title”?! OMG girl. I wasn’t blogging at the time, but since she’s bringing up the “Princess” title again, that fight w her fiancé was absolutely embarrassing and I’m def concerned for their #future!

Um did Monique just say she wants to buy wine by the barrel? Girl, just don’t drive after. Thanks. OMG Karen just said Ashley is in a “fake the world” situation. I mean, its prob true. They’ve had a lot of scandal and seems like she and Michael hate each other most of the time.

Ashley is hilarious saying she feels duped from Karen, I love Ashley’s voice this season!…not literally her voice though. Ouch burn after burn. I do NOT believe Karen for ONE second. She is always trying to cover her BS w more BS. Cover it all you want, it still #smells girl!! Ashley said she has a lot of things she hasn’t said, lets hear more girl! Spill the #tea lol. Now Candiace is defending Karen, please girl, you have zero idea. Who does she think she is? Wasn’t she just saying last episode she doesn’t understand why the younger women aren’t friends with her? Ugh more crying? I’m so over her crying, hold it together girl, you competed in pageants.

#yachtlife the younger women in the group are discussing their issues. Ashley brought it to Candiace which I #thot was #adult of her. Even though she can be a lot, she might be one of my #RHOP favs. Why can’t Gizelle get off this #ring convo, we talked about it. Seems like Karen’s making up more #lies though. Gizelle, “I hope this wraps up soon” about the #herbs and relaxing products, lol #soshady. Karen talking about the structure of the buildings and Ashley transitioning that to marriage…lol! I didn’t actually make that connection Ashley, but thank you for pointing that out! All Karen keeps saying is it’s “so different” from us, move there then girl. Loving Candiace’s shirt in these scenes!

Omg Ashley looks like a “high class” prostitute for the burlesque dinner. I find it hard to believe that Mrs. Huger didn’t have anything to do w this? At least Ashley is aware she looks like a #hooker. Sorry I tried to use the “nicer” name version. Ugh, Candiace is apologizing and making it about her again, and Karen is jumping in to defend her again. Shiiiittttt just got #cray. Gizelle coming out of nowhere w this Charrisse #tea.

Is it sad I don’t find these girls #cool or #funny? I mean, I’m trying hard to like Potomac. At least they’re apologizing to each other. Even though we all know, #drama brings #ratings.

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