RHOC – S13 E2 One Apology, Another Betrayal

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra & Eddie Judge & Kelly Dodd Real Housewives of the OC – S13 E2 One Apology, Another Betrayal

I am obsessed with Tamra’s new kitchen! And she’s updating it? Lol. Honestly, I hate hearing Eddie is having such serious health issues. Crossing my fingers for him! I think it’s funny Tamra is reminding Eddie to take his meds, you’d think he’d be on top of that. It’s nice to see him loving up on her though, haven’t seen a ton of PDA between them these last few seasons. Vicki sent food? Lol. I feel like Shannon is such a #mess. I guess who wouldn’t be after her #divorce. David’s paying for her family vacation? Is that really taking your kids away as a “single” parent? At least it’s free.

#Newgirl scene with Tamra. Tamra describes her as a, “good girl”. #Goodgirls are #boring. Her husband asked her to marry him through #gchat?! Are you kidding me? Hmm…can’t tell if Kelly is feeling her #vibes? OMG her sister had all 3 of her children for her? Wow, what an #angel.

Lol the scene with Tamra and Shannon in the car wash. Can’t hear her at all! But now I’m getting excited because she’s asking them down for a #girls trip! I’m glad Shannon is ready to move forward (with Vicki), because that’s pretty much the only way I’ll like her. I love them as friends, but we need someone for #drama. Seems like Steve is always #cooking for Vicki. Whoa, Vicki is starting to lay down the hammer, cool it Vic (love her), just don’t want her to #scare him. Lol! Vicki asking Steve if he wants to be there with her while she talks to Eddie!

Oh here’s the other new girl, Gina. She seems tall. Everyone’s coming for a #workout at Cut Fitness. Kelly is looking amazing this season! #Divorce looks great on her! Bahaha Emily in the gym scenes is hilarious. At least she went and tried!

Gina talking about her husband…he’s prob got a #Lala (Pumprules) in #LA. I know I was reading today that they split up due to the show.

Kelly has slowly gotten more and more against Vicki these last few seasons. I like when she is nice to her. But I guess if Shannon and Tamra are going to be nice to Vicki, someone has to be against her (not really though, wish it wasn’t like that).

Oh God, Vicki’s calling Tamra, she’s on her way to talk to Eddie. Now Eddie’s #scolding Tamra? Sometimes I don’t know with him. I know he’s not healthy right now and only wants the best for Tamra, and honestly can’t really blame him for being pissed. Well that’s nice that Eddie’s getting a drink for Vicki, even though it seems like he’s trying to start trouble. Haha Vicki’s fur coat. Well, she starts with a thank you, so that’s good. Acknowledging she messed up and owning she was wrong. Then acting like she’s just now realizing the effect her words had on their family? At least now she #knows.

OMG Vicki’s #apology right now. This is why I #love her!! Please forgive her Eddie & Tamra? Oh great, now Vicki is saying they turned on her. Instead of just #owning it and not mentioning their side of it, like Kelly recommended (she was right). Awe yayyyy, they are good with her!! I am so #happy, #praying it lasts! Lol Vicki asking for Tamra’s butt! I’m so glad they are able to move on! I really hope Vicki doesn’t screw up again! Another dig at Tamra & Eddie before her interview is over, lol. Stop Vicki!

Kelly sounds like she hate’s Vicki when she answers the phone, lol. Seems like Vicki is trying hard to kiss her a**. I wonder if she can sense somethings up.

I’m not into Emily saying, “she’s competitive and has to make it to 10 years” with her husband, (to beat his last relationship)…um shouldn’t you say #forever? This conversation at dinner is so #awkward. Especially for a second episode appearance. Really airing the #dirty laundry. #babydrama now she’s crying over her #embryos, this is very #RHONY #Tinsley.

Ugh, you can just tell there’s so much tension between Kelly and Vicki. Apparently Kelly’s ex Michael met someone at one of Vicki & Steve’s BBQs. Vicki shouldn’t have kept this from her and now should at least be apologizing! They’ve went out with them a couple times?! This is shady AF. I would be sooooo mad too!!! I am actually on Kelly’s side here. I don’t blame her. Serious #girlcode issue. You can see how hurt Kelly is. Ugh, Vicki!! Why can’t you just do the right thing ever? I just wish she would be in a good place with all of the girls at the same time! Now that I’ve seen the episode the name is #very fitting!

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