Southern Charm – S5 Reunion Part 1

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Ashley Jacobs & Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm – S5 Reunion Part 1

I’m sure I speak for most of us, when I say this season of #southerncharm has been the best yet! We can always count on high #drama and #entertainment, but w Kathryn sober, I wasn’t sure who would keep things interesting. Luckily, Thomas is still a creep and found a new biotch to bring on the scene. I was #shocked at how #low she went this season and cannot wait to see how the cast interacts w her at the reunion! I’m pretty sure Thomas will not be @ the reunion, but I saw his girlfriend Ashley will, not surprised she’s being #paid. Most fans, if not everyone, is #teamkathryn these days. Part one of the reunion is beginning now and Kathryn’s boobs look huuuge! Sooooo I guess she had a boob job? Honestly, I think they’re too big. I’m sure they will intimidate Ashley though, lol. Craig brought a pillow case to the reunion, of course he did! I love Kathryn’s impressions of Ashley, this is going to be good! Fingers crossed…

Before the reunion even begins we see Cameran show empathy for Kathryn, which is very surprising. I can’t wait to see if she goes after Ashley! Cameran always has the perfect comments. Ashley shows up wearing what looks like an old bathing suit cover up. Shep is “looking” for love? I feel like at this point he’s almost dated everyone. Wow, Naomi says she and Craig have “moved past the awkwardness” as he looks down like a sad puppy. Cameran looks amazing, but I definitely didn’t see enough of her this season! Understandably so. Andy just confirmed Thomas is not joining the cast, due to his “pending” investigation, wow! Thomas expects to be “completely vindicated”! I hope so, because right now, the articles and accusations are NOT looking good.

I’m glad Shep just admitted he doesn’t like some sides he sees in Thomas. I love Shep. Shep, come find me! Naomi claims Kathryn is the reason for the #girlpower this season, I’ll take that excuse. Lol. I did love seeing all the girls supporting each other! The guys just looked like such #scumbags for the most part. Craig is acting like a baby. Naomi did have some #lowpoints this season, but ultimately is a badass. She’s def a fashion inspiration! I don’t think I’d ever #stalk an ex though and I def would never admit it! I guess that makes her even better #ownit Craig seems really off, he’s so defensive already and not even looking anyone in the eyes.

Talking about Liz at the reunion is a waste of time, I think she and JD are boring. Can we bring Ashley on already? Lol. Just another reminder all these guys have acted like pigs at one point or another, Craig not so much ❤

Lol talking about the homemade teddy bear from Craig for Cameran’s baby. That was hilarious, and he and Naomi are fighting in the other room lol. I remember they were bashing him soooo bad. Love seeing Craig’s face when Austen tries to make him feel better.

I don’t think Cameran seemed detached from her baby? Do most viewers think that? I appreciate her honesty about being a mother. Not sure what the (butterfly looking) clips are in Kathryn’s hair, I know she is very fashionable, this could be on trend. I’ve never been a huge fan of hair clips. Her reunion look is a little much for me, I wonder if Patricia helped her pick it out? Seems like they’re besties now.

Brief view of Ashley (Thomas’s GF), she said she’s nervous, I would be too. Hopefully it’s amazing.

Reflecting on Craig’s life this season now, should be interesting. Lol Chelsea knows more about the walls than Craig! Craig is officially an attorney! Go boy! Haha, only took 5 seasons and constant harassment from other cast members. Omg I love Craig’s pillow idea, “straight men can sew too” lol. I do think the cast is being a little harsh on Craig, at least he’s trying something? Okay, here goes Naomi, lol IRS? Omg Craig. Holy crap! Craig just said Naomi wasn’t working hard when she was in school? Yes at least now he is calling her out on stalking him. Whoa now they are arguing and Craig just said Naomi is NOT happy. Craig already admitted he is a liar, so should we believe this? OMG Kathryn told him that?! Naomi’s new boo is a babe, so I’m sure he’ll be fine either way. I do wonder if Craig and Naomi still love each other deep down and want to get back together? I’d be OK w it, they’re both beautiful. I wonder if she’ll still be friends w Kathryn after this? Craig looks horrible, maybe he’s hungover.

Psycho ex-girlfriend syndrome lol! Yes, this is prob going to be the best subject of Part 1. Holy crap, Naomi is a liar too? Well Andy just asked if there’s ever a chance they’d get back together…sounds like Craig is still in love, but I’m not sure how much I #trust Naomi either.

Quick footage of Ashley getting ready, she said she, “doesn’t get angry, she gets even”. Ya right! She is the one that starts all of it and goes way below the belt!

Kathryn has literally “grown up” on the show. As far as becoming an adult. Her phone! Lol. That was brutal, I mean how much $ does she have? IPhones are expensive, but I think she can afford it. That interview was absolutely brutal. Can’t believe she got the job! She’s a #brandambassador now? So basically just up’ing her “influencer” status. She still has to take drug tests? Absolute BS w Thomas’s accusations. I’m glad Andy just asked. Go Kathryn for not caring and taking the test! You go girl. I wonder if she drinks at all? Sounds like she is being beyond supportive for Thomas. She hasn’t seen Ashley since the finale? Can’t wait for her to come out! Of course, that will happen in Part 2.

OMG Cameran just called Kathryn a victim, pretty surprising to see her speaking up and on Kathryn’s side! At least she owns that she was horrible to her before. Well the music went from “gentle” to “tense” post commercial. Ouch they just showed all of Cameran’s past behavior, at least she’s crying and showing remorse. I’m so pumped that they are all “happy” together now, because that means they are all going to have Kathryn’s back and hopefully be ready to go when Ashley comes out!

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