RHONY – S10 E15 Wigging Out

Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley, Bethenny Frankel Real Housewives of New York – S10 E15 Wigging Out

I’m interested to see how this trip to Columbia goes, seems like it’s Bethenny & Sonja (Luanne is neutral) vs. everyone else. Not going to lie, Dorinda is killing me this season, not in a good way. She’s been so harsh to Sonja, always judging her and I’m sorry, but Sonja is my girl.

Everyone’s packing for their trip. Carole knows Beyonce?! Of course she does. OMG Ramona going into the store, already laughing. Even if Ramona is annoying me, I still love her. Unlike Dorinda. Bethenny is moving while on vacation? I know this has happened before… #Karen #RHOP. OMG the girls ripping on Ramona getting into the car in a wheel chair! Hilarious! Another great moment, and it’s only a few mins in. If only #Belowdeckmed was this good. #redscarfguy has been pursuing #Bethenny?! Yassss, I am so excited this has been brought into the next episode! Go girl! Can’t wait to hear Ramona’s reaction. So glad Luanne mentions her right away, hopefully they’ll have footage (fingers crossed). This guy seems kind of creepy though, or maybe he’s Bethenny’s soulmate, he did say he went to the event, “hoping she’d be there”. OMG, to hear the Ramona story, soooo desperate! Go Bethenny for, “steering clear”. I love how many times drugs have been brought up in regard to Columbia already. Lol. Let’s see if anyone fights over rooms? Here it goes, #Tiffanyboxes lol. Bethenny calling #Ramonja animals. OMG I can’t believe they actually get cute #Tiffanys bracelets they are adorable! Ugh Dorinda annoys me at the end, she is being such a suck up! Just seems #fake. HAHAHA OMG!! Ramona just saying she, “didn’t know Tinsley was that smart”.

Of course Ramona needs assistance and talks to the staff right away, #classic. First thing Dorinda requests, wine. Bethenny’s allergic reaction seems extreme, but she doesn’t #fake stuff so I’m sure it really is that bad. Luckily, I don’t have allergies. Tinsley talking about her #Tiffanys budget, is that her $ or her BFs? On that note, he pays for her #glamsquad When are they getting married again? He’s from #Chicago, so #jel she met him first (like I’d have a chance). I’m sorry but seeing some of these ladies just makes me feel like I’m watching my grandmas. Not sure, maybe it’s the white hair. Haha Ramona just mentioning #dominatrix. Sonja looking smokin’ as usual. She’s my fav #housewife. Ramona stuck in the elevator, she’s screwed. How long will she be in there? Lol.

Umm…not digging Carole’s outfit. Haha here comes Ramona! Lol. Pronounced miraculously wrong, go figure. Luanne looks great with that wig! I’ve always wondered how she’d look w long hair! Not sure on the color. I love that Carole is having fun w Ramona in the wheelchair. I like it when she’s fun. Luanne talking to Bethenny about not really liking alcohol, kind of hard to believe. But I’m #routing for her! I know she recently checked back into #rehab. Hopefully it’s for the best. All the jokes she’s making during this season, I think it’s how she got through it.

Ugh oh, now Carole is talking about #redscarfguy saying HE likes her. Rigggght Carole. We heard the texts on Bethenny’s phone and I always #trust Bethenny. I like that Bethenny just sits there quiet. Why won’t any of the other girls say anything about their car ride? Bethenny jumping in all hostile, I wish she would just say the situation, instead of going around the bush. Tom 2.0!!!!! Yessss best comment ever! OMG! Why is Carole going there. I am so over Carole! I’m pretty sure I read this is her last season, #praying that’s for real. I am 100% into what she (Bethenny) is saying and agree. Ugh, now they’re fighting. #again

Sonja saying the guy is obviously a player, is true. It’s because SHE heard Bethenny’s texts. Unlike Carole and she just straight up says it. I wish Bethenny would do that, instead of seeming combative. Dorinda saying she’s exhausted of the tension, how do you think viewers feel? At least Bethenny owns her temperament. Ugh, I still can’t handle Carole’s outfit. Who else out there would wear that? Serious question. Yes, Bethenny just said something!! And Sonja followed up with a comment! Now Tinsley and Carole are talking crap, sorry she left on purpose out of consideration, and they’re complaining about her! They’re saying she should just go, but she already is going. Oh wait, Luanne wants to go out, the sober one. Lol! Carole getting defensive about how Bethenny talked about that guy? Because he was like #obsessed w her! Oh gosh, Tinsley #stop talking. Of course, Dorinda started it! Wow Bethenny is bringing up so many good points and none of them are owning it! It is JUST like when she said Carole seemed sad. Now they’re leaving? Poor Bethenny, I honestly feel bad for her. Yes, here comes Sonja having her back and venting, I love you Sonja! #teamsonja always. I just wish she’d get her own spinoff already!

Awe Bethenny apologizing to Tinsley first thing in the morning, owning her shit. That’s why I love Bethenny. I wish people would just be nice to her. Haha Luanne’s ex, so funny. This guy was a mess, nice reminder. #Ibiza OMG this huge thing of flowers!?! She is so f’ing lucky! Luanne talking crap, ya its not the most amazing thing, but clearly she’s bitter toward love right now. I don’t blame her though. OMG I love Bethenny right now. 100% agree girl, I feel exactly the same, so jel. #maybeoneday

Great, now Dorinda is comforting Bethenny, I don’t #trust her. OMG she doesn’t know who is telling Bethenny these things? Come on Dorinda. She doesn’t do it on purpose, because she doesn’t even realize how much she stirs the spot. Or maybe she does? Idk. Seems like they’ve repaired their relationship but who knows how long that will last. Bethenny’s having a mental breakdown, I honestly feel bad for her. Next week’s episode looks juicy!

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