RHOC – Season 13 Premiere


Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson & Gina Schenheiter Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Premiere

Of course the season opener has to recap past drama and bad times, then we see hopes for a fun season…is this accurate? Or is Bravo just trying to hook us for the next 2 months?! I know they’ve tricked me on a few other series so far this year! The new Housewives look boring and like they’re just place fillers for hate, guess we’ll see…Eddie still hates Vicki, shocker. Sorry she called you out and made the world aware of your “alleged” truths, that’s what happened to her! Don’t get me wrong, she was WAY out of line, but its TV people, “Reality” TV.

I do love Eddie though, and want him to be OK. I am def team Tamdie (pronounced Tam-Dee). Tamra looks smoking per usual, doesn’t look older WHATSOEVER (thanks plastic surgery!). Now Eddie’s going to die? #Fakenews…but crossing my fingers for him.

Yay! Vicki’s still dating Steve!! Vicki’s crying for commitment, not surprised. Holy crap!!! Brooks is getting married?! And we’re still talking about him?!!! Gosh, that guy’s role REALLY paid off, still getting air time on tv. For the best? Not really…clearly Vicki still cares (DENIAL). I do think she loves Steve though, but if Brooks came knocking on the door, who knows!

I am very happy about Tamra and Vicki rekindling their friendship! These past seasons have killed me seeing Vicki be the least favorite. I am hoping this will be an entertaining season, but still somehow have drama?!

LOVIN Tamra’s new house!! Under construction, but so far looks fab! This seems so classic Housewives, moving in before complete? Who else have we seen this with? Sheree for sure!

Shannon’s new house looks nice. For her and the girls at least. Do her daughters like her? Not sure…how soon until college again? Shannon talking about “downsizing” girl, at least you have a nice home! Text and email communication w David? Brutal! Okay, now I feel a little bad…jk. Remember last season when David was trying to be sweet and hold her hand and she freaked out on him and shoved it away (it was on the couch)? I don’t blame him for leaving, but they should have called it quits after the affair. I always say, if you cheat, you’re not in love. Take it from experience.

Yay Kelly! Hopefully we can at least count on her for entertainment! Yep, first sentence, “dating is easy” God I love you. Too bad after a few months she might not feel that way. Ughhh, bye bye beautiful house! Glad she’s happy about her new place at least, and not whining like Shannon. Yes, it’s better you split up, plus now you can actually date people you like! Clearly Michael was not hot enough for you girl! Kelly helping w math…I’m not good at it either girl! At least we’re beautiful!

WHOA first scene Vicki and Shannon? NUTS. Bold Bravo, Bold. And talking about weight? ARE YOU KIDDING ME SHANNON? After blaming Vicki? Ironic? Or hypocritical? Either one works for me. Hopefully Shannon’s “high hopes” to get to a “better place” means she’ll stop being a BIOTCH. Honestly Shannon, I’m sorry about David’s new girlfriend. But he’s smoking hot and rich, I’m not surprised. And good for her! Shannon’s comment, some 20 years younger girl who, “wants some guy to take care of her”, sounds like she’s smart! Hahaha. Sorry I’m a little harsh on Shannon, but she drove me crazy last season.

Oh yay, “fun times ahead” thank God! Hopefully you can make up for the last 2 seasons! Lol. Yes, I love the Housewives, I’m just loyal and honest.  OMG Eddie’s only 5 years younger than Tamra? Why did I feel like it was way more? I think that’s what I just heard her say at least, not rewinding. Either way, she’s smoking. Yes, taking fitness away from someone does change them, I broke my leg and was so depressed for months!! Thank God I’m healthy again now, hopefully Eddie will be too (he’s also a babe)!

Good news, Eddie’s out of surgery. Holy cow, Tamra’s son Ryan looks so skinny and different! Maybe it’s without the beard? Of course, he bashes Vicki, but I LOVEEE Tamra saying, “I haven’t heard from Shannon”, ouch. Sorry, she’s busy crying over social media posts of her ex.

Thank God my 2 favorites, Kelly and Vicki. Kelly, “I’m ‘hoping’ Michael will find a girlfriend!” YASSSSSS this is why I love Kelly! Blind dates? Kelly’s not dating, “nobody likes me”, HAHAHA this is exactly how I feel girl! Thank goodness I’m a little younger. Maybe I’ll find a David. LA here I come!

Ropes course? Didn’t Potomac just do this? LITERALLY? Bravo get some original material! My gosh, this is exactly what I’m talking about. All these seasons are just repeat concepts, and now they are so closely together!

New Housewife “yaaay” and last time she pissed Tamra off? Why are we talking to her again? Oh ya, we need someone to hate. I guess I’m ok w it. She’s not really attractive? Oh wow, she had issues w Eddie too? Well luckily Tamra forgave Vicki, that’s all that matters. Good luck w fixing your “trust” issues.

Ugggggh are we going to talk about Eddie all season? Please no, if the meds slow him down, this season will slow me down.

Emily’s footage has started, didn’t even know her name. A “feral” child? Who talks like that? I just can’t w the double chin, I’m sorry. Oh God, from OHIO, shocker. Don’t be offended, I was born there! But thank God, my dad got us out! I am glad she at least lives in CA now. Whoa, husband is NOT any better! Shane is “def” not making the new “Hottest house husbands list”. He seems “nice” though, which is good. Wow, she wants her husband to quit? Awkward. She is bigger than him, can probably bully him into it. Just like Kameron does on #RHOD, with her small husband. Okay, got it her house is huge, but it’s so outdated and there’s no fashion sense! Someone, get Heather back asap!!

Oh, yay, Shannon picking up dog shit. Great footage Bravo. Yes, housewives clean dog shit. Thanks for the reminder of my future (and current) duties. Wow, can’t believe Tamra just asked Shannon about money from the divorce? They are really not hiding this stuff, huh? Wow, Tamra just told Shannon stuff about David’s new GF, ouch girl, ouch. TWO OUCHES in one episode? This is only the premiere! Is this a sign for things to come this season? Foreshadowing? I know they are friends, just saying.

Shannon, I know it sucks but lose the ring. Trade it in for something that makes you happy! He is not coming back, it is over. She hasn’t taken it off since her fingers were too fat? Can we please stop talking about her weight? I’m sure this will be another theme. Trust me, I’m rooting for her.

Okay, all 4 main ladies are together. Shannon is accusing Kelly of lying, but its ok “they’re not fighting”. Tamra’s hair looks great, trust exercise, cool. Awe, everyone’s been “burned” in trust. Don’t worry though, Vicki trusts everyone, lol, I’m the same way, I get it. Doesn’t always work out well! Holy crap, Shannon is hyperventilating. You can do it girl! Omg, this looks like it’s going to get brutal. Way too many screams, (at high pitches that hurt my ears) for a first episode, and that was just the preclip before the commercial!

Kelly looks great in those pants! HAHAHA OMG Shannon hurt Vicki’s finger!! That was hilarious! Def take back the comment about screaming, was worth it! Omg, Tamra’s comment before Shannon takes off, “I’ll tell David to fuck off and your kids you love them” yessss, hilarious! But is that another dig @ Shannon? #3 for the episode?

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