Below Deck Mediterranean – S3 E9 Panic at the Deck-O

IMG_1881 2
Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier & Adam Glick Below Deck Med – S3 E9 Panic at the Deck-O

I apologize in advance if this post blows, this season hasn’t done much for me. This Joao guy is such a creep. Not sure why these girls like him? Brooke and he are finally making out hardcore. I mean I can see Kacey liking him, but why Brooke? She seemed normal, yes, past tense. It was nice of the crew to throw Hannah a party, especially because it seems like the only one that likes her this season is the tween. Kasey is actually upset about Joao, I’m kind of surprised. Joao is trying to show Brooke a soft side, but I mean, it doesn’t matter, I still don’t like him, as I’m sure most viewers don’t. He has been so weird and creepy this season, how could anyone like him? Colin is way better IMO. Honestly, I’ve been pretty disappointed with this season of Below Deck (Med). Awe, poor Colin. Has to hear from Joao that he made out with Brooke last night. Dejavu, Colin says he’s used to losing girls to friends. #Manup

Onion guy is back! Will Adam sabotage this again? Doubt it. Hannah is talking up this charter like she’s got it together. Lol, we’ve been watching this season Hannah…

Awe, Joao is standing by kissing Brooke, well that’s good I guess. Even though I still don’t like him. Jamie is hating on Joao. She hasn’t had a huge role in this season, but her side comments are appreciated. I think Hannah handled the situation with Brooke appropriately, her saying Hannah is, “not being supportive” is BS. Clearly this guy and Hannah have not gotten along all season, has nothing to do with Brooke.

Uh oh, Hannah is confessing her feelings for the tween. Adam of course encourages it, remember last season? Now Hannah is gossiping and besties w Kacey? Kind of annoying, I thot she hated her?  Colin attempts talking w Brooke, #stilltrying oh God and now Joao is being creepy right away w Kacey! She’s calling him out and he can’t take it. #Peacebro Ouch, then she bashes Brooke’s #onepiece, they’re in right now girl. Poor Jamie’s so sick, I can’t handle her coughing. Oh gosh, PDA Joao and Brooke, so creepy.

Adam wants to redeem himself w the charter guest, thank God! Last time you royally f’d up. Lol the crew talking about Joao when he’s away, Hannah dropped #douchebag about 5 times, not enough if you ask me. Oh gosh, previews of Joao crying, he looks ugly.

Brooke asking the girls not to talk about Joao in front of her, def #awkward not sure what I would have done here. Depends on if I was drinking I guess. This dinner looks like an awful experience. OMG Hannah talking to Conrad about Brooke just liking Adam, tides are turning. I love you Hannah but yes, Conrad is right, she is #obsessing. Someone’s wasted. How is this crew going to work tomorrow? Lol. OMG Brooke is already making plans for after the season? When they only made out once? Knowing this guy’s history?

Omg Hannah starting a fight w the tween, wasted, we’ve all been there sista, go to bed! STAT. Joao crying, lol. Sorry, not sorry. More #bonding between he and Brooke. #cute He likes for people to see the “positive” in him, all I’ve seen is psycho.

Uh oh, Conrad and Hannah on the deck, I’m worried about this. On camera! Sandy hates her so much this season already. Not good. Hannah having a panic attack is ridiculous, come on girl, I expect more from you. No offense but I have been pretty shocked at how she has been this season.

Hannah throwing up and blaming it on anxiety. I’m actually surprised Sandy was nice to her about being, “in love” with Conrad. I def get anxiety and it sucks, but to quote Ramona, “Take a Xanax”. Jamie is sick and MIA, but that doesn’t really matter. Guests have arrived, let’s hope this goes better than last time.

Adam sucking up to the charter guest is so annoying, like Adam, please. You better do everything for him! Ugh, redemption. Hopefully this won’t be overkill into the next episode. Hannah telling the guests she’s not feeling well, they’re probably like get the f away girl! I know I would be. The ladies trying to pronounce Joao’s name is the funniest part of the episode so far, and that’s not saying much.

Omg the charter guest giving Adam the #onions hat was hilarious! New best part of the episode! Ending the episode with the charter guest wanting to move lunch to the beach. The entire crew is acting like it’s no problem, then they’re all saying how impossible it is behind scenes. I guess that’s what they’re always talking about, the guests get what the guests want! #customerservice

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