The Bachelorette – Wk 8 Hometown Dates

Colton Underwood The Bachelorette – Wk 8 Hometown Dates

In my opinion, Becca has selected the best choices from her options of single gentlemen thus far this season. I think she kept Jason around as an easy option to eliminate, but the episode hasn’t even started yet, so I guess we’ll see. My two favorites are Blake and “the virgin”, Colton. Who believes that BTW? I guess I choose to believe/trust him, since I think he is a super babe. Side note, I am currently auditioning for the next season of the Bachelor, so cross your fingers for me and pray that either Blake or Colton is the next Bachelor! Just to clarify, I have not been selected yet, but I am hoping I get on. I probably won’t say much about Jason, because as I mentioned, he is my least favorite. Something about the slick-hair guido vibes I’m not diggin, but it’s not about me, if Becca likes him, go for it girl! Leave the three remaining hotties for the rest of us single ladies! Yes, I think Garrett is also a babe, unfortunately I didn’t realize he’s been divorced, that loses points in my book. I haven’t read ahead, or googled who wins, so no spoilers! I am truly an invested fan and excited to see who Becca chooses! Unfortunately, I just started blogging (this is my 3rd post) and I don’t feel like going back and re-watching all past episodes of this season, so we’re kicking off from this week’s episode, Hometown Dates!

Starting with Garrett, I think she might like him more than I realize? He’s soooo manly!! Which is obviously very attractive! I think he’s hot, but not the hottest. Becca, “loves to plant things”, don’t we all? I literally help my married (#goals) girlfriend plant @ her house! Haha Becca said it’s so sexy watching Garrett drive (the tractor), and it makes me laugh because they are going like one mile per hour! So sexy. Yes, now we’re talking divorce. So he’s been divorced 2 years? Okay. I know divorce is (unfortunately) extremely normal and most people get married young and are divorced, young. Or with kids. So I’m sure there are a lot of great single people out there who have been divorced, they deserve love too! Anyway, back to Garrett, he just blamed the ex for mostly everything. Good luck Becca. Time to meet the parents, quick make-out session first. Wow, his family is already talking about how they are going to stir the pot. They seem normal so far, but the wine just opened. Seeing his sister cry is very sweet, but also hard to watch, literally. His dad is worried his sons heart will be broken, at this point, there are 3 guys whose hearts will be broken. Whoever Becca chooses (because I don’t think it will be Jason) I will be happy with. OMG his mom is about to make me start crying! Thank God a subject change! She is so cute! Now she’s talking to Garrett, officially emo. That seemed like a pretty easy hometown and relatively quick. Sounds like he passed the test. Wow, Becca just said it was easy too!

Jason’s hometown date – Jason seems like he’s always looking to have “fun” w Becca, but is fun enough? Not that into the force eating chicken wings competition, but its cute. OMG Jason played hockey? Hockey players are so sexy and great in bed…I’ve heard. Awe he just called her “becster”, that was cute too! I’m starting to like him more now, but I still think she likes Blake and Colton better than him. Keyword, think. Sounds like Jason’s feeling the pressure to say his feelings. I’m sure he’ll confess he loves her before she leaves. Very normal situation they’re in. Wow, Jason’s mom is a babe, just a sidenote. Can’t believe the vibes she’s giving Jason right now though. She’s kind of psyching him out. He’s almost having to defend their relationship to her. I’m sure she’s coming from a good place. Well there it is, with more confidence than he’s ever said anything, he loves her! #noregrets His eyes just look so tired all the time, idk.

Yesss my favvv Blakeee! Oh hey mountain man! Snowing, so romantic and perfect!!! Ugh, he looks great of course! I’m so bummed, because I don’t know how she can’t pick him and he’s my favorite! Lol, he takes her to high school. OMG Blake just said he has more to tell her. How much more can there be? OMG school shooting! Holy crap this would be so scary, Blake has had the most emo past. I love his jacket right now. I’m not sure if Blake surprised Becca with her favorite band or ABC did? Well, she just confirmed, he planned it. #perfect

This would be so tough to meet Blake’s family and know what he has told her. I’m sure you just forget about all that when there. Ugh if she doesn’t pick Blake, idk what he will do. He’s so in love with her. I’m not going to lie, Blake’s mom’s hair is rough. But she seems cool. Becca’s making an announcement when leaving, I feel like she didn’t do that with the other families? I still think he’s a front runner.

Colton’s date is beginning, I feel like he’s her favorite. He is also from CO. So many hot men there! But is he mature enough for this relationship, for real? His pants are so tight, lol. OMG Colton is sooo cute at the children’s hospital, he is such a good person! This melts my heart. Gosh he is the best. These kids are so cute! God bless them! Becca is taking Colton’s virginity, his “meet the family” first time I mean. He’s reassuring, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready. Even if he thinks he’s ready, in a few years, he might not be into her anymore. OMG Colton’s family is huge, is it a mistake to have this many people there? I don’t think it will matter for Colton, he’s so hot. Dad’s bald though, not the best genetics. Whoa kind of seems like the dad is coming at Becca right now asking about Arie (or however you spell it). Yikes, I know he’s coming from a good place, but a little awkward dad. Lol, Colton just brought up “Fantasy Suites” to his mother, another awkward moment. Or is that just me? Now Becca’s talking to her about it? This is so weird. Becca just said Colton’s mom is amazing, sounds like she’s still a huge fan of him. All these guys are in love with her! It would be so tough to choose, (but I’d pick Blake)! Becca can see a future with all four of them? #brotherhusbands

Now Becca is hanging w her #GFs. Do they actually like each other when they all competed to date the same guy? Awkward, Tess just pulled Becca aside…holy crap, she still has feelings for Colton! What is Becca going to do? This would kill me. He definitely won’t be a future Bachelor! If Becca doesn’t pick him. If she gets rid of him because of this, it would be a mistake, sorry friend, your loss, “the virgins mine!” hahaha. That’s right Becca, trust your gut and your heart, aka dump Jason the “great kisser”. Makes me wonder how the other guys kiss? That’s pretty disappointing news. Lol I can’t believe how Colton just talked to Chris. #Peptalk Hasn’t he seen this show before? Clearly you don’t have to have sex in the fantasy suit 😉 . Rose ceremony, not sure if she’s going to dump Jason. Blake’s in. OMG!!! JASON!!!…is she dumping Colton?!! OMG! Well it looks like Colton and Tess are probably together. I’d be shocked if they’re not. OMG she’s bringing up the dad!!! I wonder if he’s going to be pissed about that. I am really surprised about this. I think it’s because of the friend, or he’s just not mature enough. Probably scared he’d dump her in the future for someone else. She didn’t even cry. Lol! Go Becca. Colton’s shocked, just like me. But he doesn’t know his other woman, (the one he loved) still wants him. Becca did both of them a favor, hopefully she’ll find love! Jason pulls through, looks like kissing is just as important as I thought. How could you not pick the best kisser? I think that’s a sign…at least now Colton doesn’t feel pressure for the Fantasy Suite.

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