RHOA – S11 E21 Reunion Part 1

Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss & Nene Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E21 Reunion Part 1

I AM SO EXCITED for this reunion! Probably too much, like usual.

Aweeee, the location of the reunion is where Shamari and her husband got engaged! I can’t wait to hear what they thought about this season during this reunion.

Nene is calling Marlo for support. Lol, she’s literally the only friend Nene is talking to. Nene said she KNOWs Kandi was lying. Kandi told Andy Cynthia has NO idea for a fact that Kenya was coming. Like, ya, Bravo did make it look bad. But I believe them.

Nene is literally pushing everyone away, including her husband! Oh, now that she’s done talking to Marlo she told the camera men to leave. We saw that side of her once this season! #closetgate

Wow, Nene has to sit NEXT to Kandi, so awkward. LOL! Everyone’s laughing and Nene just looks like such a biotch. This is going to be a tough reunion to get though. Wow, she just said she’s the “glue for the cast” as well, (of RHOA). Like, I agree, she’s the OG, but idk, kind of over her ego.

Off of this season, I’d rather watch Porsha! Wow!! Andy just asked if any of the ladies missed Porsha’s shower, of course Nene did (and Kandi, but she’s busy for real) and Nene said she didn’t send anything (just owned it out loud!) then Andy called her out for being in LA when on WWHL she said she was in Canada! Wow, call her out Andy, do it! I know she blocked him on social media after the reunion, so I’m sure he’s going to continue to push her (go boy)! Oh, so nice, she addresses Cynthia to confirm she was in Canada, and Cynthia did, of course, because she’s loyal.

Eva is giving looks like it’s her day job?! Bc it’s not her day job anymore…is it? She looks like she’s lost her baby weight though, which is great for her!

Yay!! Fav subject this season, Porsha and Denise! The women look salty AF about Porsha’s life. Yikes, Shamari just called Denise short?! How tall is he?! That was embarrassing! Porsha just admitted her Mother In-Law is a little much. Porsha admitted she would take advice from Kandi and Kandi gave her some sweet advice. Lol. Kind of surprised, after how the season started off!

Wow, Andy just keeps pushing Porsha and Nene’s friendship questions on Nene. Nene just keeps deflecting the questions and not owning shit. She doesn’t care! Or at least, she’s putting up the front that she doesn’t.

Eva is trying to express her feelings to Nene about the way she acted at her events this season and Nene could careless, basically the way she was (not to Eva’s face) the entire season. Nene said if she can dish it out, she can take it. Cynthia said she was slightly offended by the shade Eva threw at her, but it’s wasn’t that bad. Eva said she didn’t mean to be racist toward Shamea w the comment she made about a q? Idk, I didn’t get it anyway. Kandi thinks she was and it was shady. I feel like Eva just threw shade in the beginning of the season to stay relevant. Well, Kandi just cleared that up and sqwashed that shit, like always.

We’re talking about Kandi now. Per Andy, she was making money moves all season lol. I guess…just seems like she’s always been that way. Kandi is starting the process next week for twins! Lol! Awe, Andy tried calling her to talk about the surrogate and Kandi, didn’t realize at the time it was because Andy was currently going through the process for Benjamin!

Kandi just sits there and laughs at her Mama’s comments, specifically the lemon comment. Lol, Andy asked Porsha about Kandi using the name dungeon for her variety show and it took Porsha a min to realize what she was talking about. Lol, Shamari said she really wants to start a group (she and Kandi), called blaqxscape! Lol. Kandi is like, I don’t need you girl.

Wow, this is a first. Social media is now a subject on the reunion! Yessss, Nene has been OUT OF CONTROL on social media!

Nene just said she doesn’t consider her and Cynthia, close friends. Like, omg girl, cool it. Nene won’t admit whoever she was talking aout on social media, I think it was Kandi. Someone asked why Nene doesn’t confront her friends in person, why she uses social media and she said she does confront her friennnnnds. Like, implying the ladies aren’t her friends. She’s so shady, I’m over it.

LOL! Nene said she’s been the most supportive of Cynthia and Mike, yet her opinions are salty and shady AF.

Nene said she’s the glue holding the cast together, I know she’s an OG, but IMO no longer the glue, in fact her adhesive is losing stickiness. At this point I’d rather watch Porsha, Kandi and Cynthia than hear her cry for attn and be salty AF toward everyone else. Loved Andy calling her out over and over about Porsha then Cynthia. First saying she was most supportive of Cynthia and Mike, but then talking not stop sh*t about them all season? She can’t stop saying she and Cynthia are not close friends? Like, Okay, have fun with Marlo. Can’t wait to see next week!

RHOA – S11 E20 Caught in the Middle

Nene Leakes, Marlo Hampton, Porsha Williams, Cynthia Bailey, Tanya Smith & Kandi Burruss Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E20 Caught in the Middle

RHOA has taken a serious turn for the worst. I mean it’s amazing, but the DRAMA IS HIGH!! Idk, Nene’s only real friend is Marlo. This is the finale, Kenya is coming to Cynthia’s party, and it’s not going to go over well. No wonder Nene was plotting to bring Phaedra back, she’s has no allies.

Recapping the season, Nene’s getting divorced, Shamari’s an alcoholic, Kandi’s living a great life (still), Cynthia’s madly in love with a guy that’s in like (lol!) and Porsha is living her BEST LIFE. Def most jealous of Miss Porrrrrhsa. Opps I forgot to bring up Eva and Tanya! Guess that says how relevant they are. Lol.

Nene said she’s dedicating one corner of Swag Boutique to “high end” items. I wonder if that’s the section Tanya will shop in? Nene said she’s planning on opening another even bigger store! Go girl.

OMG I didn’t know Cynthia was approached by Seagrams! Go girl. I gotta try that! Kandi is meeting up with her to catch up.

Marlo is asking for Nene’s feedback on the Eva house situation. They all are calling BS on Eva.

Nene is bringing up Kenya to Marlo. But not using her name. Nene said Kenya started drama in the press. I don’t remember that. Lol. Sounds like Kenya started it with Nene. Can’t wait to see the other side, bc I am team Nene right now.

Cynthia is talking to Kandi about Kenya’s baby shower. She said everyone has let the drama go aside from Nene. Now Kandi is talking about social media. I love Kandi’s facial expression. Nene was clearly being Salty AF on social media for not being invited. Nene just said she, “is going through a lot right now” like omg Nene this is not YOUR SEASON!!!

Nene said she doesn’t even think she was going to go to Cynthia’s launch party, but Marlo is encouraging her to go.

Omg, guests are arriving @ PJ’s gender reveal and the party is STILL being set up! Lol. I love Denise and Porsha!!! They are sooo cute! I just wonder sometimes though. OMG this looks like crap! Lol. This party needs to be together, WTHECK. How much did this cost? Lol.

Aweeee, Porsha is super upset, crying bc the party looks like shit and everyone (all the ladies) are being so sweet and supportive!! Then Denise ran after the event director and yelled at him! It was cute. IT’S A GIRL!!! Which we knew! But so cute! Porsha’s thing shot out blue? Like wtf haha.

Eva said she’s done talking about the situation, she finished it at the OLG2 party. Lol.  Nene showed up to Cynthia’s party. Which I figured she would! Omg Nene didn’t go to Porsha’s event and I forgot she wasn’t there! Lol, she said it’s because Porsha isn’t supportive of the other girls. Omg, Kenya just arrived and Nene is acting salty and fake AF. Idk, it’s so annoying. She has a huge smile on her face, but just called her a monster OUTLOUD.

It’s Cynthia’s party, she can invite her friends. Porsha is loving it. Nene just said the thirst is real tonight, seems like she’s the only one screaming for attn. They are talking so much shit about Kenya’s body. Like are you serious? I think she looks amazing!

Kenya just interrupted Cynthia’s speech, pretty much took the mic from her and cut her off, to “congratulate her?”…that was awkward. Lol. Then she tried calling Nene and Greg up, and Nene said no! Lol. WOWWWWWWW. WEIRD! She handled that with class, per usual. Idk why Cynthia doesn’t just own that she invited Kenya? I don’t get it? If it’s her friend, why isn’t she allowed to invite her?

Shamari said she learned, she can, “drink a little and Turn Up” lol! I think we all learned that. Porsha had an AMAZING season! Loved her, happy for her! Bless! Kandi’s trying to be nice to Nene and make her feel better. I need to see Kandi’s dungeon tour! Nene is leaving and I don’t think she even is saying bye to Cynthia.

Aweeee, Nene is getting together with Cynthia to have a heart to heart, Tanya and Kandi are there for support. But it sounds like Cynthia is looking to set it up, per the cut Bravo just showed.

Yikes, Cynthia and Kandi just showed up and Nene walks away immediately. Oh wow, Cynthia just brought up that they are BOTH bad on social media and that is true. Wow, Cynthia is lying again about Kenya coming. Wtheck didn’t she just tell her? Now, she did damage. Nene just straight up asked, I wanna know why you didn’t just give me a call? Hmm…now Kandi said Cynthia invited her, but she wasn’t sure if she was going to come. Then Kandi said she encouraged Kenya to come and Kenya asked Kandi to keep it a surprise. But that stuff doesn’t line up at the party when she said to Mike, I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming.

Cynthia is saying she’s sorry for not giving her a heads up, then she took accountability for her actions and Nene is like I can’t believe you let her speak? It’s like are you kidding me? Clearly Kenya took the microphone from her! Cynthia left with her and said she was sorry. I’m not sure how this is going to go at the reunion, to be honest.

OMG the reunion looks amazing!!

RHOBH – S9 E7 Eat, Drink and be Married

Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit Kemsley, PK Kemsley & Jerry O’Connell Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E7 Eat, Drink and be Married

I know fans aren’t into this season! BUT I AM! Lol and Teddi said it only gets better! More info will be revealed! I believe Teddi. I don’t think she’s innocent and I agree with everyone else, the only issue here should be Dorit not following Vanderpump Dogs protocol.

EJ is SOOOOOO cute!! I love her! Especially in Pink! I’m so pissed I didn’t go to the Pretty Mess Tour, but I was unemployed, kind of hard to justify. I know, that’s shitty coming from a Bravo Blogger.

 I love Erika so much! Haha. She’s beyond #Goals. The original badass bitch. Dorit is seriously stepping up her fashion game these days. Teddi is meeting she and Kyle to shop for Denise. Kyle is looking so fit this season! She’s working out with Teddi! Go Teddi! Get her ass into shape! She looks Hot AF.

Denise’s wedding location is beautiful! She’s still insane though…! Denise said her first wedding was much better than the marriage lol! She is so gorgeous!

Hmm…Jagger was at Dorit’s wedding? Looks like he was around 2. Lol, Kyle tried to get Lisa and Teddi together to talk and they both passed on that lol!

Rinna just RSVPd to Denise’s wedding, which is great. You know she’ll give LVP hell. Idk if Rinna has much of a story line these days though? I like her when she’s on pills. Lol.

LVP wants to switch her kitchen and I agree, her new choice is beautiful! Ken caved, but let’s be honest, LVP runs that house.

Denise is everything! Lol. She didn’t even tell her daughters she was getting married until 2 days before! Lol, she is whacky and I love it!

Denise is literally the opposite of a bridezilla! Erika is reppin a Lisa Rinna jumpsuit for Denise’s wedding. Yikes, Camille seems bitter Denise, “beat” her to the alter. Rinna just told Erika that she’d be happy if the dog drama, was “never brought up again”. Funny, since she’s the one who brought it up in the Bahamas!

LVP has arrived at the wedding. Dorit just said she’s OK w faking a friendship and playing nice. Like, for real?

Denise is supppppper late for her wedding and PPL have deadlines here. Wow LVP is kissing everyone’s ass! It’s so fake. LOL Dorit is making jokes about Teddi calling Denise out for being late.

Dorit said she’s ready to move on and, “someday” she’ll be able to trust LVP again. LVP thinks they should apologize TO HER! Lol. Why am I not surprised? The very next day an article was released on Radar Online talking shit about Dorit from, “a friend” of LVP. Dorit thinks it was LVP, but who says it wasn’t someone else?! Idk.

RHOBH – S9 E6 Fifty Shades of Shade

Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Vanderpump, Denise Richards & Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E6 Fifty Shades of Shade

Yesssss, RHOBH!! I am so into this dog thing. Haha! I know a lot of people are annoyed, but it’s turned out to be better than I expected.

I love Kyle and Mauricio! Haha she just called him out on having 4 bottles of tequila behind his desk! Eh, he’s in real estate, they celebrate in that industry 😉

Erika is heading over to Dorit’s for her Beverly Beach bikini shoot. I am kind of surprised they’ve gotten so close. I’m glad their relationship has turned around. I used to hate Dorit! I kind of like her now, not going to lie. I really like her! Lol. Dorit is literally giving the creative director tips! Lol. Thank goodness she’s there!

Dennis is visiting LVP with her adopted daughter. LVP just tried to start gossiping with Denise while her daughters were present. She’s like well, we can talk about it at dinner with Kyle. We can have, “grown up talk”.

Yesssss, Dorit is talking to Erika, and I’m so into it. Dorit said she still feels like LVP is in the wrong. Erika told Dorit the only person she should trust is herself. Lol.

Rinna is meeting Camile to help plan her 50th Bday party. Looks like Camile is about to talk shit about Dorit, I still think she hates her for calling her a cunt, can’t say I blame her. That would probably be pretty hard for me to get over. Camile clearly hates Dorit. Lol.

Aweee, I love Denise! I’m excited to see this wedding shit go down lol.

Teddi is talking through the dog situation with her therapist. Teddi just said she feels bad for being an adult crying over a friend situation. Lol. Idk, I go back and forth about this whole Teddi/LVP who’s right, who’s wrong. Teddi looks pretty guilty here too. I guess the whole point is that LVP isn’t owning any of it, but Teddi is.

Awe, Kyle’s show got dropped lol. Yay, Denise and Aaron just dropped in. Denise seems pretty buzzed at this lunch. Idk what’s happening. We’ve never seen her like this. Omg, even Aaron is getting pissed.

Omg Lisa walks like such an old women! It’s Camille’s birthday and I’m anxious to see how this goes down. Denise looks incredible. Idk wtf Camille is wearing. Lol. OMG!! Rinna just called Camille a FLIPFLOPPER! I’m shocked. I love her. Lol.

Teddi, Dorit and Erika went outside privately to talk about the dog situation. Teddi is owning all her shit, which is good. Erika is making jokes about how friendships are dying tonight lol.

LVP and Kyle just walked in with their men. While Dorit and Teddi were talking through it!

Denise is sitting outside to stay out of it. Then tells people to come in since it’s Camille’s birthday.

YIKES! LVP just walked in! AWKWARDDD! Wow, LVP just lied in front of the ladies and then backstepped. It’s very clear Lisa was a part of it all and she’s not admitting that!  

LVP is still not owning anything. Dorit told PK what happened and he said she should try to forgive LVP since she’s going through a lot right now. Looks like next week it gets juicier!

RHOA – S11 E18 Model Bride

Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams & Eva Marcille Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E18 Model Bride

Atlanta is getting juicy! Idk who’s side I’m on with that shit that went down in Nene’s closet. Speaking of. Shamari is meeting Nene at her shop.

It’s so awkward how public Nene and Greg are with their problems, like social media I mean. TMI people.

Nene is explaining the situation, I understand they should not have went into her closet when she asked them not to.

I can’t believe it’s Eva’s wedding episode already! This situation with her dad is sad. L

OMG Nene just said she might not be going to the wedding? Isn’t she officiating? I’m so confused. Lol.

Kandi and Todd are driving w Cynthia and Mike, glad he’s attending with her at least.

Mannnnn the reunion is going to be juicy! Last I heard, Nene blocked Andy Cohen on IG. Shamari said she gets lonely doing all these events without her husband. Someone’s gotta pay the bills girl!

Nene showed up, finally lol. Oh, she’s just doing a toast. NBD. She kissed Kandi hello though, so that’s good.

Looks like Shamari’s enjoying her shots lol. Eva looks beautiful! Ugh oh, Shamari is asking all kinds of questions about issues between her marriage! Lol. Luckily, she dropped it fast. I think she might have saved it.

Oh great, now Marlo is sneaking up on Kandi and Porsha now. Kandi told Porsha that Nene called her asking all kinds of questions about their lunch. Marlo’s going to get Nene so they can talk, I don’t think that’s a good idea…she just said this is not a good day.

Nene said she can do whatever she wants in her house. Attacking people is OK if it’s in your house? Got it. Apparently Nene told Porsha if she’s going to attack someone, just don’t do it on camera.

Nene wont even acknowledge Porsha, I don’t get it. Lol. They all said sorry, kissed Nene’s ass, she seems OK with it. Then says, Okay, I gotta go, I can’t do the toast, I’m exhausted. Lol what!!

Eva is going to be pissed.

Oh man, Shamari’s wasted again. I wonder if her husband will divorce her? I could totally see that happening! She said she only ate bread.

This speech seems so fake for Nene! Like why did Eva ask her to speak? This is so awkward, she’s literally talking about divorce. Well, she got through it, surprisingly. Well, congrats Eva!

Top Chef – The Tao of Macau

Top Chef – The Tao of Macau

Top Chef is almost over! I love Kelsey and Eric, Michelle is OK and Sara I can’t stand. Lol. But we’ll see who gets in the finals!

Kelsey is 100% my fav. Michelle said she’s planning to take each cheftestant down, one by one. Yikes! I’ve never seen that killer side of her lol. Maybe that’s what LCK does to you?

Ugh, Sara said she’s really nervous…hopefully she goes home?!

Lol apparently, this fruit they are using for the quickfire challenge is banned from airports lol. This is a pretty good advantage, one extra hour to cook for the Elimination challenge.

Michelle is making ice cream…hmm. This sounds like it’s pretty bad flavor, but ice cream is always good…right?

Kelsey said she’s pretty much automatically out, because she hates the ingredient so much. Hopefully they don’t have to use it in the finale (I’m sure they won’t, that would be repetitive)!

Seems like the judges liked Eric’s & Sara’s….uggggggh. Oh wow, I was wrong. They liked Sara & Michelle’s! Yes! Michelle Won! I’m happy for her! She’s a secret comeback chef. It seems like she got more confident after LCK, which is awesome!

Awwwww, the cheftestant’s family is there to surprise them! Michelle just told her mom she won the quickfire and they high fived! It was so cute, choked me up.

All the cheftestants are talking about their heritage and idk what’s up with me?! Maybe I’m going to get my period lol! I am so emo. Oh wait, Sara’s turn. I’m not sad anymore. Lol.

Kelsey’s mom is so pretty! That was so nice! I love all their family members! Lol Michelle’s mom forgot her glasses lol! Sabotage! Eric’s sister is like dream team right now for him. OMG! Kelsey’s mom can’t find her cart!! Eek, makes me nervy! Commercial break, go figure!

Phewww, luckily she found it! That woulda sucked. I am so excited for the Elimination challenge tonight!

Lol Michelle said this is the first time she’ll be legit cooking for her mother in a restaurant style space. Michelle got an extra hour prep time/cook time. Everyone is already in the kitchen. Things are moving quick.

Hmm…I’m a little nervous about Eric’s dish. Okay, Tom and the guest judge just showed up to check on the cheftestants in the kitchen. I am getting pumped.

Padma looks drunk lol. But I doubt she is. I’m nervous for Michelle because she said she’s freaked out. Kind of awkward. The judges are asking the chefs to sit down and eat with them, then critique the food! That was so awkward!

Lol, Sara is making all the judges laugh and smile, GREATTTT! Not. Now I’m scared. They loved the soup/her dish! Uggggh, nooooooo!

Geeeez, Tom basically kicked Eric and his sister out lol! Tom said it was way too salty! Oh no, the judges did NOT like his dish. I did not see that coming! Or if he goes home I mean…the women are bringing it! Right now, Michelle and Eric are on the bottom. Kelsey is going next!

Welp, they liked hers. I think she’s fine. It’s Eric vs. Michelle. Padma thinks Kelsey’s broth was a ltitle too much. We’ll see…

JUDGE’s Table!

I think Sara is safe. Then Kelsey…but idk. Sara won. Not surprised there. I mean I am, but not after that dish.

Hmm…the judges said Kelsey’s soup was intense, so I’m not sure…I think Eric will go home. Yes, think it’s him.

Man, I love Kelsey! She better get through (and I think she will). It’s between Eric and Michelle and idk who is going home. They might keep Eric because he’s been so amazing all season…

Awwwwwe! Michelle got cut. I feel bad for her!

RHONY – SS11 E1 Divided, They Summer

LuAnne Delessups, Dorinda Medley. Bethenny Frankel, Sonja Morgan & Ramona Singer Real Housewives of New York – SS11 E1 Divided, They Summer

Omg I can’t believe RHONY is back already! I am so happy! My fav franchise is back, and Bethenny is BACK, duh, but still, just happy about that. Hopefully Tinsley won’t annoy me this season, looks like she’s single (currently). We’ll see how soon Luann forgives Dorinda…I still haven’t.

Starting episode one now…thank the bravo gods, no Carole! Omg, I forgot Lu wasn’t at the reunion. Omg, the producer asking Bethenny if she can talk about Dennis, for real? Lol.

Omg, Tinsley is so spoiled. Sonja is my life, she’s of course cracking me up. Ramona is flirting her first scene, go figure. Dorinda is all about exercise, but she still looks old AF. Ugggh, she’s talking about Carole, zip it Dorinda, I’m trying to like you.

Wow, Dorinda’s opening scene and all she’s doing is talking shit about Luann to her trainer! AFTER she just said all she wants to do is live a healthy lifestyle. Then she said she and Lu are, “taking a break”, I don’t think that’s her choice, but cute.

Uggggh, I love Bethenny so much! This Dennis situation was nuts!

Ramona is visiting Sonja. Idk, I just feel like Ramona is always judging Sonja deep down. Ramona is calling Dennis a, “friend” of Bethenny’s. I wonder if that will bother her. Like clearly, he’s not a friend. Lol. But then also, she’s kind of being considerate. Idk.

I love Lu! Here she is. New housewife on the scene, Barbara. She’s been friends with Lu since forever. Which is good! And means hopefully she’s team Lu and will have her back when it comes to Dorinda.

Apparently Bethenny and Barbara, saved Lu/had her back, which makes me like her no matter what. Where’s Dorinda? Oh ya, who cares. Barbara asked to take the vespa to lunch and Lu said they could, then they shared the ride. I’m pretty sure Barb wanted to drive on her own. Bummer.

Tinsley’s meeting up with Dorinda. Let’s see if Dorinda talks shit about Lu again. Ugh, Dorinda annoys the crap out of me, anything she does at this point. Am I alone? Omg, she just brought Lu up AGAIN.

Lol, Sonja’s life is in shambols, even at her new place!

Bethenny is having Lu and Barb over for tea and crumpets. I love Barb’s Range Rover. She’s a boss babe, but no Bethenny Frankel.

Ramona is also hosting a get together. She just said, guacamola, instead of guacamole. Lol. She cracks me up. Uggggh, Dorinda walks in and is literally talking shit AGAIN about Lu, she brought stuff to Ramona’s in a Lu and Tom bag. Dorinda is literally laughing at the situation. I can’t handle her. Yesss, I am so glad Barbara is around to have Lu’s back lol. She said Ramona hates her. Kind of funny, Lu is saying Dorinda is projecting and Dorinda is saying Lu is projecting.

Ramona and Dorinda are talking shit about Lu. But like, then Dorinda is crying over it. Like PAAAHLEASSSE!!! She said, “we both need space”, like, you’re just scared of Lu and she’s actually the one who doesn’t want to be around her.

Omg the season clip looks AMAZZZZZZING!!!!! I cannot wait!

RHOBH – S9 E4 Bahama Drama

Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Denise Richards, Erika Jayne, Kyle Richards & Teddi Mellencamp Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E4 Bahama Drama

This season is sooooo good! The fans are split, half believe LVP (and hatttttte Rinna) and half are team, everyone else. Mostly, I don’t think anyone wants to side with Dorit lol.

Looks like Dorit basicalllly attacked LVP the night before on their walk to the hotel lol. Rinna really is trying to take all. I love LVP’s line this year! Lol. Kiss my ass. Ugggh, I just don’t know!

All the girls are doing separate stuff. LVP & Kyle, shopping. Teddi & Erika are golfing, so sporty. And the other ladies are going boating. Looks so fun! Ugghh, I wish I was on the beach!! I just got back from PR, this is making me so sad. Serious FOMO. Lol.

So weird seeing Erika and Teddi get along. Omg, Teddi is SOOOOOO bad at golf! Hmm…hearing Camille explain it, it’s like yes, Dorit. Yes, just call her ahead of time.

Okay, Lisa and Kyle time. Lisa just keeps avoiding and delaying the conversation with Kyle. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but it’s a little weird…well that was a little awkward. OMG Teddi just admitted to Erika she knows 100%, that LVP told the staff to tell Teddi about the dog and create this situation. Erika said, you better have the proof. Is this for real?!

Lol, Dorit’s boat snorkeling was a total snooze. Zero stuff to see, the ladies were bummed. Meanwhile, Kyle and Lisa are getting delish food and drinks, with a view.

Idk, LVP is playing dumb AF with Kyle. I am not sure who to believe. But this is why she’s the ultimate manipulator! And why it’s soooo believable! Idk. It’s complicated. This is the day where someone chased down Dorit and called her out for owing people A LOT of money, like, hundreds of thousands. I hope Bravo airs it! But I don’t think they will.

Kyle is such a babe, Mauricio is such a babe! They are serious couple goals! Lol, Dorit just straight up asked Lisa if this stuff was true and she said no. Sooooo…

I’m kind of over this lol. I agree Dorit should have called LVP immediately about the dog, it’s LVP’s problem, not some random person.

All the ladies are at dinner and it’s awkward AF. Camille is pretty much the only one talking to LVP. Omg Dorit just said in front of everyone to Teddi that she believed her and it was OK. That was the first time where I started to think maybe they’re the ones setting LVP up!

Mannn Rinna is on the ruin LVP train, and she wants everyone to jump aboard! My god, Denise is the best thing on RHOBH that’s happened in a longggg time! LVP couldn’t reach Ken on the phone just now and it made me really nervous. Idk why, I don’t even like Ken lol.

Kyle was still drunk on the way to the airport with LVP. LVP had a lot to say about the night before, that’s for sure. But Kyle wasn’t having it.

LVP is back from the trip and talking with Ken when he pulls out the “texts” between Teddi and the other business partner or whatever. HOLY CRAP looks like Ken has got the proof. I’m so confused…! This is getting messier and messier.

Top Chef – S16 E13 Holy Macau!

Padma Lakshmi, Graham Elliot & Tom Colicchio Top Chef – S16 E13 Holy Macau!

Getting close to the finale episode! I have a feeling Adrienne is going to make it to the finale, but not win. I think Eric will win. I hope that’s not the case though! I just heard a rumor the runner up is not the best chef/who you’d think. But the winner is the best chef! So that’s why I think it’s Eric. Maybe Sara is the runner up? I can’t stand her.

Graham is giving them a tour around the city. This is crazy. The city looks awesome. The scenery is awesome. The food…idk. Haha! I wouldn’t eat any of those proteins. I love Kelsey! I hope she goes to the end! Seems like Adrienne is very confident about the quickfire. Loving Padma’s outfit.

Adrienne won’t stop talking, she’s annoying. I missed who won the quickfire, sorry. I was checking IG. Awe, all the old cheftestants are back. Never pick the most recent guys! Like Eddie or Justin, they’re still upset and never cook as well. But I wouldn’t want to work with Brian.

Hmm…Eric had to pick last AND he doesn’t seem very confident in his interviews. Makes me think he goes home.

Elimination challenge is starting. Adrienne’s food sounds the best IMO. Sara doesn’t look pumped either…she might be on the bottom.

Damnit! Sara is doing well…! Padma said Eric’s dish was timid and he was pissed. Kelsey and Michelle are on top. I’m def OK w that. Kelsey won! Go girl! She’s my fav! I have a feeling Eric is going home…but that means it’ll be all girls in the finale…which I think would be a first?

Lol, Eric shut down Padma and then Adrienne all of a sudden shut down Graham. She needs to chill. Maybe she’ll go home? Hopefully. I’d be OK with her or Sara going home. Hmm…idk who’s going home.

Adrienne is going home. I’m okay with that. Bye Felicia. Or should I say, Mama? I’m still calling Eric wins it.

Top Chef – S16 E12 Kentucky Farewell

Padma Lakshmi, Graham Elliot, Tom Colicchio Top Chef – S16 E12 Kentucky Farewell

I’m so glad Eric beat Sara last episode. I’m ready for her to go home. I’m sad Eddie is gone. I haven’t seen the last 2 LCKs, so we’ll see if he comes back! Padma is a freakin babe this season. That haircut is great on her!

Tom’s surprising the chefs first thing in the morning, that’s never a good sign. Lol. Oh greatttt, Sara knows the guest judge for the quickfire. She better not win! Here comes the LCK winner….! Michelle! Good, I’m glad she’s back because she did awesome the episode before she left and I think she got screwed.

Uggggh, I’m nervous for Kelsey. She burnt her hand on Michelle’s pan…darn it Michelle! Justin won the quickfire! Congrats bro. He doesn’t annoy me as much as he used to. But he’s still not a favorite. Anyone who beats Sara I’m OK w. Lol. They’re going to Graham’s place in China. I knew about this…;)

So, the Cheftestant’s have to bid at an auction for their ingredients for the Elimination challenge. They are cooking for their mentors. Pretty huge.

Hmm…I’m a little nervous for Kelsey. She’s picking a diff type of crab than usual. Hopefully it’s OK.

A few of the chefs are making me nervous. Michelle went and she did pretty well. Graham wasn’t a fan of the ajue on top. Oh man, Kelsey just went. Everyone liked it but, Adrienne’s mentor. He had a shell in his… L

Adrienne’s plates are a mess, she’s embarrassed. Adrienne’s wasn’t horrible, but she messed up a bi. Justin seems down in his interview, I think he’s going home. I’m calling it. His food is sitting and getting cold.

Eric hasn’t even come out yet and Tom’s already talking him up. They liked it, but didn’t love it.

Oh no, Sara is coming up next. I hope she doesn’t win. Sara is such a brown nose. Uggggh, her mentor said she knocked it out of the park. That makes me nervous…great. She won. Maybe now she’ll at least stop whining.

I think Adrienne or Justin are going home. So happy to see Gail back. Love her, she looks like a babe of course. Michelle’s definitely in. And I think Kelsey is too…so it comes down to Adrienne and Justin…Eric is safe.

Hmm…idk who it’s going to be…! Well, Justin’s out. Saw that coming.